Your Valentines Day Top 10 List for the OBX

Your Valentines Day Top 10 List for the OBX

Valentine's Day is coming soon. What do you have planned? May we suggest a beach escape to the always beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina? Romance abounds on the windswept shorelines, sparkling blue-green Atlantic waters, and in the quaint maritime towns. You'll find plenty of ways to spend your time, but let us make a few suggestions—well, ten of them to be exact. 

Here are ten of the best ways to spend your Valentine's Day on the Outer Banks, in no particular order. It promises to be one for the books with lasting, loving memories to be fondly remembered for a lifetime. 

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1. Plan to spend some time on the Outer Banks in February.



Just being on the Outer Banks is a Valentine's Day must-do. Around every corner you'll find that the natural coastal beauty woos you with its sweeping shorelines, pristine sands and magnificent scenery. Spend a day, a weekend, a week or more on the Outer Banks and you're guaranteed to feel the love.


2. Cozy up and savor the privacy of an OBX vacation rental.


You'll definitely want to make the most of your OBX rental with all of the comforts of home plus the luxury you expect while away on a vacation. Immerse yourself in the beach home of your dreams, soak up the views, and take advantage of all your beach vacation rental has to offer from the convenience of a full kitchen to the perks of amenities like a hot tub, fireplace and private pool. You and your loved one have everything you need for an epic romantic escape on the Outer Banks.


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3. Get up early to catch a coastal sunrise on the beach.

We know you're on vacation, but it's well worth your time to get up a little bit earlier and to catch a fabulous sunrise as it breaks over the eastern horizon. The color show is different every day and promises to please, and you have the extra benefits of lower humidity and the uniqueness of the ocean during the winter months that sets the stage for a brilliant display. Your oceanfront OBX rental gives you a front-row seat every morning to a spectacular sunrise view, so don't miss it. 

4. Spend the day exploring a new OBX town or village.

If you've been following our Outer Banks Spotlight series on our blog, you know that each and every town along the Outer Banks offers up a treasure trove of maritime adventures to explore, each with its own story and experiences. Next time you're here, choose an OBX town that's new to you and set out to get to know it better. It's even more fun if you do with a partner, so Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to have an OBX adventure together. The Outer Banks is your oyster! (Speaking of oysters, refer to #6.)
Tundra Swans

5. Go wild on Pea Island.


You and the love of your life can go wild (literally) on Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. Have you ever been there? The winter season presents some amazing migratory bird watching opportunities, so be sure to bring your camera if you go.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to visit this OBX wildlife refuge and to see thousands of majestic White Tundra Swans and Snow Geese as they spend their winter here. A significant percentage of the entire population of these birds in North America come here and can be seen a short driving distance of the beach. Seeing the flocks of these birds flying over the natural beauty of the Outer Banks is quite breathtaking—and very romantic! There's a plethora of other bird-watching opportunities as well. It's a unique and memorable way to spend your time.

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6. Enjoy some Outer Banks seafood.

Every season on the Outer Banks offers up fresh and delicious seafood from our boats to your table. Winter is no exception! OBX oysters are a popular treat this time of year as are clams, sea bass, sea trout, flounder and tuna. Whether you stop by a local fish market or dine in our local restaurants, you are sure to satisfy your seafood craving during your time here.
Picnic on the Beach

7. Prepare beach picnic.


What's more romantic than a picnic on the beach? Not much! It's easy enough to do and speaks volumes in the book of romance. It doesn't take much preparation or planning on your part. Pick up a few of your favorite things and pack them up in a nice basket, then whisk your sweetheart off to the beach to enjoy the view and the company.   




8. Share the OBX love.



From now through February 14, the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island is hosting the Ton of Love Food Drive. Share the love this Valentine's Day and help out those less fortunate than you by bringing a non-perishable food item or two with you while you visit this favorite Outer Banks attraction. Your donation goes to the Roanoake Island Food Pantry and is much appreciated. A good time for a good cause: win-win!

9. Try something new and adventurous.


Sometimes the most exciting and romantic thing you can do is try something new and exciting with your loved one. Get your adrenaline pumping, push your boundaries and feel alive as you do something neither of you have done before. Need some suggestions for your OBX adventure? How about scuba diving the Graveyard of the Atlantic? Hang gliding over the largest sand dune on the East Coast? Parasailing over the Atlantic? These are just a few of the many adventures that await you.

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10. Climb to the top of Jockey's Ridge and watch the sunset over the sound.

One of the best things about being on a barrier island like the Outer Banks, is the ability to enjoy both the ocean and sound views. Not only can you enjoy a sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean (see #3) but you also can watch the sun sink over the Roanoke Sound each and every night. Jockey's Ridge is a highly recommended location for some of the best OBX sunset views around. 

How are you spending this Valentine's Day? On the beach? On the Outer Banks? We want to know!

Your Valentines Day Top 10 List for the OBX


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