Your Pet-Friendly OBX Vacation

Your Pet Friendly OBX Vacation




Here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, it's no different. We love sharing our shorelines with all of our visitors and vacationers, including the furry ones. We've been long been known as a family-friendly vacation destination, but we're now becoming known for our dog-loving atmosphere and accommodations, too. In fact, the Outer Banks was listed as a Top 10 Dog-Friendly Vacation Destination in the United States. What dog doesn't enjoy his paws in the sand, the scent of a salty breeze, a game of fetch by the scenic Atlantic Ocean, and a pet-friendly place to call home while vacationing on the Outer Banks?


You probably have some questions about how to make the most of your pet-friendly Outer Banks vacation. We can help with you that. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about bringing your canine companion on an OBX vacation, and the answers you're looking for.


Where can I find pet-friendly vacation rentals on the OBX?Pet Friendly Beaches on the Outer Banks

 Elan Vacations offers an extensive selection of pet-friendly properties in a variety of locations along the Outer Banks. Many of the vacation rentals that allow dogs also offer excellent amenities for them (and you), including things like fenced outdoor areas, screened porches, sprawling decks, and outdoor showers to name a few. Let's not forget about the breathtaking coastal views that are sure to please the two-footed and four-footed vacationers alike.

 In your OBX vacation planning, think about what amenities are most important to both you and your dog, and then take a look at our pet-friendly beach homes and see what each has to offer. We make it easy to add the properties you're interested in right into your online Beach Bag with one click for easy retrieval and review. After you've finished perusing the choices, go back and View Your Beach Bag to review your favorites and make your final decision on where to stay. We make it quick and straightforward for you, but feel free to contact us if you have any unanswered questions or concerns before completing your booking. We're here to help!






What do I need to know about bringing my dog on the beach?

 Leashed dogs are allowed on all of the beaches, but given the number of Outer Banks towns along the coastline, they do each have their own specific sets of pet-friendly rules and regulations. It is a given that pet owners are expected to be responsible to the environment and to others around them and follow the guidelines. It also goes without saying that you're responsible for picking up your pet's waste and disposing of it properly no matter where you may be on the OBX. Be mindful of your dog (you know him best!) and keep a watchful eye for any potential problematic situations that can be prevented with a little forethought.

In addition to the above-mentioned, we have a list of the Outer Banks town's pet policies for the beaches and beyond. Please review this list carefully so you know what to expect before you visit. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We strive to make the Outer Banks agreeable to all of our visitors and vacationers, including those with or without pets.



Which OBX attractions allow pets?

 One of the things that makes the Outer Banks an appealing pet-friendly travel destination is the number of local attractions that allow dogs. That makes it easy to plan your day and spend it with your pet in ease. We've provided a list of dog-friendly OBX attractions below. We also have a pet-friendly activities page that includes stores and restaurants on the Outer Banks that cater to and allow for pets. Be sure to check that list out.

Pet-Friendly Outer Banks Attractions:

  • Jockey's Ridge State Park
  • The Nature Conservancy Nags Head Woods Preserve
  • The Wright Brothers National Memorial
  • Whalehead Club Currituck Heritage Park
  •  Cape Hatteras National Seashore
  •  Roanoke Island Festival Park
  •  Rick's Jeep Adventures



Can you suggest some pet travel tips?


 Why yes, yes we can. We actually have a blog post on that very topic, Pet Travel Tips for Your Outer Banks Vacation. We think you'll find it quite helpful in your vacation planning and travel.

Some other pet travel tips to consider include:Dogs on the OBX beaches

  • Remember to bring your pet's medications and specialty items including food, etc.
  • Bring your pet's medical records in case of an emergency.
  • Pack your pet's favorite things to bring with you including toys, bowls, bedding, and leashes. A little taste of home makes the transition to a a new place and environment much easier.
  • Don't forget some special treats for your pet. It is a vacation, after all.
  • Ask about your vacation rental's pet options and accessories. You may want to consider borrowing or bringing baby gates or the like for use within the rental if those items are not available to you.
  • Consider the shoulder and off-season vacation times for a pet-friendly vacation on the OBX. The weather is cooler, the crowds are less, and some of the town and beach dog restrictions are more relaxed.
  • Be mindful and considerate of neighbors. Be informed of the local noise ordinances.
  • Keep pool and hot tub gates closed when your pet is in the vicinity. It's both a safety precaution and courtesy in case your dog decides to take an unplanned or uninvited swim.
  • Be aware of the elements. The sand can be too hot for sensitive paws. Short-haired or fair-skinned dogs may need extra sun protection in the form of shade and/or sunscreen. Watch the waves and tides for the safety of both you and your dog. Watch out for hot parking lots and never, ever leave your dog in a vehicle unattended.
  • Check your dog for ticks or other unwanted hitchhikers. If you're hiking or in a wooded area, inspect your dog for ticks afterward. Also check for sand spurs and other prickly plants that can catch in fur or hurt paws.
  • Keep adequate fresh water with you. Salt water is not good for dogs and their digestive systems. Keeping your dog well hydrated with fresh water is a must for a beach vacation.









Can you recommend any other pet-friendly resources for the OBX?


 You can read more about Elan Vacations and our pet policies here. You can also read more about pet-friendly travel on the Outer Banks here.



 Have you enjoyed a pet-friendly vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina? If so, we'd love to hear about it!

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