Why the Outer Banks Should Be on Your Resolution List for the New Year

Why the OBX Should Be on Your Resolution List 


It's never too early to start planning your next Outer Banks vacation! As 2015 winds down and we usher in the New Year, it's time to think about those 2016 resolutions. As you contemplate yours, we'd like to suggest that vacationing on the Outer Banks should be one of them. Why? Read on.




Vacations are good for you!


 Science says so! From physical well-being and mental clarity to improved job performance and increased creativity, there are a lot of reasons why taking a vacation is good for you. It's just what the doctor ordered, so just go ahead and start your 2016 vacation planning now. Everyone knows that the beach is the epitome of relaxation, rejuvenation and refreshment so take a look at these OBX vacation rentals. It's for your own good!


The OBX was named best family beach vacation destination in the U.S.

 Everyone takes a family vacation at least once a year, right? If you're looking for the ideal family beach vacation destination, the Outer Banks was named #1 in the country. That's pretty good press, isn't it? You can never get enough quality time with the ones you love the most, but taking a family beach vacation puts you well on your way. The Outer Banks is a beach destination that is not overly commercialized, so it won't be a vacation filled with distractions. There are plenty of things to do beachside and beyond to create memories that will last a lifetime. And that's reason enough in itself to put the OBX on your resolution list.



The Outer Banks are pet-friendly.

Our vacationers are not just the two-legged kind. Pets love it here, too! Besides being thankful that they weren't left behind as the rest of the family headed out on a beach vacation, man's best friends also enjoy the pet-friendly vacation rentals and pet-friendly amenities that are offered here. Read more about what you can expect on Your Pet-Friendly OBX Vacation, then start making your plans.



An OBX vacation is both fun and educational.

It's easy to find the fun on the Outer Banks. There's the beach, of course, and all of the on-the-water activities that come along with a beach vacation. But did you know that there is so much learning to be had here, too? The OBX is dripping with history, maritime and otherwise.

History abounds as you explore the Outer Banks' ties to the Wright Brothers and their pioneering flights, dive into the deep sea history and mystery found in the Graveyard of the Atlantic, ponder the many questions that remain unanswered about the Lost Colony, and let's not forget about the beautiful and history-filled Elizabethan Gardens and the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site. Island lore contains plenty of pirates, shipwrecks, exploration and more for your learning pleasure. You're never far from history on the Outer Banks, that you can be sure of.

If you're intrigued and ready to learn more about the historical significance of the OBX, we recommend you read these:




The abundant local events make the OBX a perfect beach vacation spot any time of the year.

 The Outer Banks of North Carolina offers a plethora of local festivals, events, attractions and activities every month of the year! It's another reason why vacationers return year after year to our barrier island shores. Return for your annual favorites or explore a new Outer Banks tradition, the choice is yours. Follow our Elan Vacations blog for big events happening on the OBX and also consult this Outer Banks events calendar to see what's happening during the dates of your stay.


Okay, now it's time to take out that New Year's resolution list. Write it down: Vacation on the Outer Banks. We promise that this is one resolution you'll look forward to keeping!


Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you on our beaches and in our OBX towns in 2016. Special thanks to all of those who chose to vacation with Elan Vacations on the Outer Banks this year. We look forward to serving you in the New Year. Cheers!


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