Why Moms Love Spending Mothers Day on the OBX

Why Moms Love Spending Mothers Day on the OBX 

Give mom the gift of the beach this year where she can sink her toes in the sand with a tropical drink in her hand. Mother's Day on the Outer Banks promises a beach getaway that will be cherished and remembered for years to come. Why not make it an annual Mother's Day tradition and give mom the opportunity to look forward to an OBX beach trip in May each and every year! Now that's a special celebration vacation indeed.

Moms really love spending time on the Outer Banks on Mother's Day (and on any given day, really)—and here are a few of the best reasons why. 



Time to Relax

What mom doesn't need a little time away? She may not always admit it, but she does. Planning a beach escape where she can be whisked away from the daily routines and crazy schedules is one of the best gifts you can give. The gift of time away coupled with some rest and relaxation is what every mom deserves.

Whether relaxing inside in the comfort of a beautiful Outer Banks vacation rental with the best amenities or sinking her toes in the sand and feeling the sun on her skin, some much needed down time is just what busy mothers long for. The Outer Banks offers all of this and more. 


Family Time 

Family Time

Ask any mom and you'll hear the same thing: family time is everything. Those precious moments spent with her husband and kids are what fill her heart with joy. The Outer Banks is known for its family-friendly and pet-friendly beaches and towns, so it's the ideal place to come and celebrate Mother's Day where no one gets left behind. There are family-friendly attractions, things to do and events for everyone in your family. 
It's no wonder that the Outer Banks has been named Best Family Beach Vacation in the USA. Come and experience it for yourself!



Time for Pampering

There are plenty of ways to pamper mom with the attention she deserves. From shopping and dining to spa days and salons, you'll have no problem setting aside some time just for her. Spoil her! Take her on a shopping spree, schedule a spa day, make an appointment for her to get a manicure and pedicure, or whatever her heart, mind, body and soul desire. It's all about her for a change. Make it extra special!

You can find a list of Outer Banks spas and salons here where you can plan a spa day, book a massage, make hair and nail appointments, and more.


Beach Time 

Beach Time, All the Time

Life truly is a beach on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Life is centered around the beach and the laid-back coastal lifestyle that emulates from the natural elements. Give mom the gift of the beach and let her live in the moment. Breathing in the salty ocean air is rejuvenating. The sun, sand and surf are constant companions who give a sense of calm and peace. The coastal scenery is inspiring.
Everyone needs a little more beach time in their life—moms included. Happy Mother's Day and we hope you get to spend it on the beach this May! 

Wouldn't you love to give Mom the gift of the beach this year? Start planning your Mother's Day on the Outer Banks here.

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