Why Fall is a Good Time for an OBX Vacation

For the most part, the Outer Banks is one of the top vacation spots for summer vacations. Beginning at about Memorial Day weekend, the barrier islands are filled with families who want to spend their one week of vacation on one of our beautiful beaches. But, locals always talk about how great the fall is on the OBX. They love this time of year leaving many visitors wondering "What makes the fall such a good time for an OBX vacation?”

OBX VacationLess Crowded. After Labor Day weekend, the Outer Banks is far less crowded and the peace and tranquility of the Outer Banks returns. As locals, we love the time starting after Labor Day weekend. We can get out and enjoy the beaches without the crowds, easily get from place to place with much less traffic and enjoy all of our favorite neighborhood haunts. On top of all that, for those of us who are in the tourism industry on the OBX, it is a chance to have a little breather before the crowds return even though we love having guests come to the islands for their first visit or come back for a long weekend because they love spending time here.

Lower Rental Rates. Another reason that the Outer Banks is a fabulous place to come during the fall is the lower rental rates. For many property management companies, rental rates are known to drop by as much as 30-40 percent. This makes it much more affordable for families to come for long weekends, weddings, golf trips, and other events that are popular here during this time of year. Vacationers also have the opportunity to upgrade their Outer Banks rentals to a larger vacation property with more amenities or even one that is located on the beach. That reason, in and of itself, is definitely worth heavy consideration for a fall trip to the Outer Banks.

Weather. Even though it is still technically hurricane season, as October rolls around, hurricane season starts to slow down and give way to absolutely spectacular weather. Days are still warm but not really hot while the nights have started to cool down as "sweater weather” is welcomed with open arms. There is nothing like a sunrise walk on the beach wearing a favorite sweatshirt and drinking a hot cup of coffee or enjoying a nice glass of pinot noir while watching the sun go down in the west (wearing that same favorite sweatshirt, of course). Additionally, with this perfect weather come fun outdoor activities like spending the day on the golf course, going for nice, long runs, or biking from town to town taking in all that is the Outer Banks.

Events. Finally, with the fall season comes the festivals and other events that happen annually at this time of year. From the OBX Lighthouse to Lighthouse Bike Ride to the Oink n’ Oyster Roast to the well-attended OBX Marathon and Half Marathon, there are tons of events around which to create long weekend vacations or even a full week of OBX fun.

Making the Most of the Fall Season

Visitors can make the most the fall season on the Outer Banks. With so many things to do, lower rental rates, fewer crowds and the most spectacular weather, there is no better time to head to the Outer Banks for a much needed respite that includes tons of relaxation. For more information on coming to the Outer Banks during the fall season and any of our vacation properties that include our pet friendly Outer Banks rentals, (252) 491-8787, (866) 760-ELAN (3526).

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