Watch the Triple S Invitational on Your Hatteras Vacation

Hatteras Island is renowned for being one of the best places for kiteboarding in the world. In the last ten years, kiteboarding has gone from a small cult of riders to an international obsession with competitions in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas. With shallow, flat waters soundside and strong waves on the ocean, Hatteras Island is a popular summer destination for riders from all over the world. For one week in the summer, Hatteras is inundated with professional riders for the Real Watersports Triple S Invitational. During your Hatteras vacation, don’t miss this week-long competition that tests riders’ ability in three elements: Surf, Slicks, and Sliders.

Surf: Riders head to oceanside and compete to show off their best tricks riding through the rougher waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Slicks: Riders ride soundside in races, big air competitions, and freestyle events.

Sliders: Think about a skatepark in the water: with ramps in the water to jump and slide on these events take on a similar look to street skate events.

To enter the Triple S invitational, you must be invited by the Real Watersports team. There are also four wildcard spots that are chosen from videos sent in prior to the event. Finally, newly added in 2013, there is the Triple S open where you compete for two days to make it into the final spots for the Triple S Invitational.

Although you may not be able to enter the event there is still a multitude of activities at the event with Waterman’s Bar & Grill on site, the Invitational hosts DJs, bands, contests, and autograph sessions throughout the event. Taking advantage of the attendees, Real Watersports also raises money for charities like Athletes for Cancer through contests.

Through the evolution and growth of kiteboarding, it has become an integral part of the culture on Hatteras Island. Many permanent residents of Hatteras Island call it home because of their love for the sport. These locals work at kiteboarding resorts like Real Watersports and are there to teach the novice the techniques and tools of the sport.

Interested in kiteboarding or the Triple S Invitational? Here’s our suggestions for what to do the week of the event.

Take a few Kiteboarding Lessons: New to the sport or a novice? Taking lessons is a must. Picking up kiteboarding is not like riding a bike. Learning proper safety, technique, and gear use is key. Once you get up on your first ride or your first downwinder, we guarantee you will be hooked!

Watch the Triple S Competitions: The caliber of riders at this event is unbelievable. To see biggest and newest tricks in the world, this event is the place to be. Be sure to bring your camera and GoPro to catch all the action!

Attend the Triple S Events: With Bands, DJs, autograph sessions, and contests every night, this event is the perfect way to get to know the pros. Talk to your favorite riders and find out how they progressed in the kiting community.

The Triple S is an event that brings the heart of the Hatteras Community together for a week of watersports, action, and fun. Whether you are a pro or just someone interested in the sport spending a week with friends and family at this event will feed your desire for kiting. Book a group home for an Hatteras vacation and enjoy the week together! The Triple S Invitational kicks of May 31st and ends June 6th and will be held at the main headquarters of Real Watersports in Waves Village.

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