Visit the Corolla Wild Horse Museum

wild horses corollaThe wild horses of Corolla are one of the Outer Banks' most impressive spectacles. These Spanish Mustangs have been stranded on the northern end of our beaches for decades. The Corolla Wild Horse Fund is responsible, in large part, for the prosperity of the wild horses today. The Corolla Wild Horse Fund formed in 1989 as an all-volunteer group. The formation of this organization came in response to NC Highway 12 being paved north of Duck to Corolla in 1985. The increase in automobile traffic lead to horses being hit by automobiles. If you are lucky enough to encounter any wild Spanish Mustangs during one of your Outer Banks vacations, make sure to take a moment to appreciate their natural beauty.

For those who want to learn more about these wild horses and are looking for a great source of entertainment, visit the Corolla Wild Horse Museum. The Corolla Wild Horse Museum is located in Old Corolla Village on Corolla Village Road. Upon visiting the museum, guests will find children's exhibits, aerial photos of where the Spanish Mustangs roam, and a plethora of information about the Mustangs themselves. The building is a great destination for any visitor who is looking to escape from the sun and the sand for an afternoon. The museum is free to enter and also has a gift shop in which all proceeds go to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. In addition to the exhibits inside the museum, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund also hosts events. A couple of their more popular events include horse painting, horse rides, and mustang petting.

Even if you are staying in one of the Kill Devil Hills or in a Nags Head vacation rental, the short drive up to Corolla to visit the Corolla Wild Horse Museum will be well worth your time. The museum is a great provider of an interesting and educational experience for the whole family! If you are taking the time to drive to Corolla from one of the areas further south, it may be well worth it to make it a trip for an entire day or afternoon. Corolla has many great shops and restaurants that are unique to the area.

If your visit to the Corolla Wild Horse Museum sparks a new interest in the awesome wildlife this part of the beach offer, there are a variety of wild horse tour services that will be glad to lead you on your adventure. A few of the wild horse tour companies include Outer Banks Wild Horse Tours, Bob's Wild Horse Tours, Corolla Outback Tours, and Corolla Jeep Adventures.

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