Top Five Outer Banks Attractions

If you are planning your summer vacation on the Outer Banks, these destinations provide the perfect setting for a week full of memories and things to do– not to mention great places to relax and unwind. There is so much to do on the Outer Banks that we could outer banks attractionsspend hours providing you with a long list of activities and places to go during your vacation. Here are our top five OBX attractions:

Beaches: We know that you want to spend a week at the beach making this the ideal location with some of the best beaches. From as far north as Currituck to as far south as Hatteras, the OBX beaches are wide and long offering plenty of space to build huge sand castles, fly a kite and even toss a football or Frisbee. For early birds, there is absolutely nothing like watching the sun come up over the Atlantic Ocean. It is majestic and absolutely awe-inspiring to see that big orange ball shine across the ocean letting everyone know that it is time to begin another fabulous day on one of the Outer Banks beaches. Be sure to go beachcombing while on the beach. Our beaches are full of unique shells to take home with you – just be sure to leave it alone if it is alive.

Fishing Piers. Another activity for which the Outer Banks is well-known for is fishing. The most popular spots to fish on the Outer Banks are the fishing piers that line the Atlantic Coast from Kitty Hawk all the way down to Avon. These piers are frequented by vacationers wanting to spend some time fishing to expert anglers who spend hours on the pier making a living. Probably the most well-known pier is Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head. On top of fishing, there are classes on how to prepare caught fish, camps for kids and even opportunities to rent the entire pier for events. Other piers like Nags Head Pier, Avalon Fishing Pier and Hatteras Island Fishing Pier also offer events and activities along with bait and tackle shops to make sure you have what you need to spend a couple of hours or even an entire day enjoying the excitement of reeling in dinner. Don’t forget to buy t-shirt too!

Maritime Forests and Preserves. The Outer Banks isn’t popular just for the beachs; there are also the most spectacular maritime forests and wildlife preserves that are home to many bird species and other wildlife. Walkers, runners and hikers can enjoy the wonderful treks through these untouched areas. Many of the paths are shaded, making the experience absolutely delightful. From Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge on Hatteras Island to Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge situated just north of Currituck, much of the Outer Banks is covered by protected areas that welcome visitors who know how to take care of the land and leave it the way it is. Be sure to check one of them out while here. Set out for a nice morning bike ride through one of the above mentioned areas or another one like Nags Head Woods or Currituck National Wildlife Refuge.

Jockey’s Ridge State Park, Nags Head. Jockey’s Ridge State Park is one of the greatest days (or two or three) you will have on your vacation. Here, you can climb the tallest natural living sand dune on the east coast, hang glide, walk, bike or run one of the two self-guided trails, fly kites, sand board and just have pure fun. There are also water activities that are the icing on the cake. If you pick just one thing to do that is not beach-related, (Jockey’s Ridge State Park should be at the top of the list.

So Much to Do

There is so much to do on the Outer Banks that you will be amazed at how fast the time goes. Some vacationers have gone so far as to spend two weeks here for vacation just so they can do everything they want to do.

When booking Outer Banks rentals, we always ask our guests what they enjoy doing so that we can offer them ideas for things to do on their vacation. One vacation will tell you that you are in the right place and make you return year after year.

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