Top 5 Reasons to Plan an Outer Banks Vacation During the Off-Season

Top 5 Reasons to Plan an OBX Vacation During Off-Season

When you think of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, you most likely think of summer vacations on our beautiful beaches. But did you know that fall and other off-season times throughout the year offer some compelling reasons to plan an OBX vacation? Did you know that the locals in the area often choose fall as their favorite time of year here? It's true.

Why? Read on and find out more about the benefits of vacationing during the off-season.



Top 5 Reasons to Plan an Outer Banks Vacation During the Off-Season


1. The OBX beaches and towns are less crowded.

Memorial Day to Labor Day is prime vacation time on the Outer Banks. After Labor Day, the summer season slows to a halt and the beach crowds start dwindling. There are less crowds, less trafficbut this is one of those times where less really is more. More opportunities for you to enjoy the expansive beaches, more unobstructed panoramic coastal views, more opportunities to get out and about in our OBX towns without the hustle and bustle that comes along with the summer season.




2. The weather on the Outer Banks is perfectly pleasant.Outer Banks sunset

 Another benefit of vacationing during the off-season in North Carolina is the agreeable weather that extends well past the summer months. Warm days  lead in to cool nights. The humidity level drops and the summer haze dissipates, allowing for comfortable temperatures for all of the outdoor activities you love the most from long walks on the beach to biking, golfing and on-the-water fun.

 Without the humidity and haze, the coastal palette comes alive, morphing from muted to vibrant. Verdant greens, cool blues, blazing reds and brilliant oranges are all part of the off-season scenery. You'll definitely want to bring your camera.



3. The fishing is fantastic during the fall and winter months.

 Football is not the only fall sport! Here on the coast, fishing is big during the off-season months, particularly in fall and winter. Water temps drop much more slowly than air temps, so that allows for an abundance of good fishing.

catch sea mullet, speckled trout, gray trout, red drum and bluefish through December - See more at:

As long as their isn't a significant cold snap, you can still catch sea mullet, speckled trout, red drum and blue fins through December. It's also prime time for sound fishing for stripers. Offshore fishing in the Gulf Stream is great here because the fish follow the Gulf Stream and migrate along it, allowing for spectacular opportunities for catching billfish in the early fall. As the weather and water begin to cool, yellowfin tuna, big-eye, and black fin varieties are plentiful. Bluefin tuna season usually runs from December into March. January and February are big months for ocean striper fishing. According to the NC Division of Marine Fisheries, fishermen land more large striped bass in the winter months here in North Carolina than in any other state, so there's that.


Are you hooked? You read more about off-season fishing on the Outer Banks here.


4. The OBX events and festivals are abundant.

 Just because the summer is coming to an end doesn't mean that the local OBX festivals and events are too. In fact, fall offers some of the best events and things to do on the Outer Banks. As we mentioned, the weather is perfect for spending your days at all of the sights and attractions on your OBX vacation itinerary. Plus, the local towns offer up some fun, family-friendly events for your enjoyment including the Outer Banks Seafood Festival, the Duck Jazz Festival and the OBX Marathon, just to name a few.


Stay tuned and follow Elan Vacations for more inside information on these events and more coming soon!




5. The beach vacation rental prices are reduced. OBX vacation rental

What's better than a beach vacation on the Outer Banks? A beach vacation on the Outer Banks at a discounted price, of course! Everything you love about the OBX, plus the added benefit of great deals and specials on your vacation rental. It's a win-win.

Most vacation rental companies drop their rates a significant percentage during the off-season, in addition to other special rates and discounts on select properties. This allows for endless opportunities when it comes to planning your next OBX beach vacation on a budget whether it's just for a long weekend, a special celebration or occasion, a golf trip or a girls' getaway.

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It's pretty obvious that there's a lot to love about the OBX during the off-season, but we'd love to hear from you. What's your favorite thing about off-season in the Outer Banks of North Carolina?

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