The Ultimate Guide to the Outer Banks Beach Vacation Experience

Summer is here, and it's time to start planning your perfect Outer Banks  Beach vacation. This week we have a round-up of all our best posts about the beach. This post is loaded with helpful tips and tricks to guarantee you have the best beach vacation possible. Just click on each picture to read the post and discover everything you need to be a beach savvy.

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How To Find The Perfect Outer Banks Vacation Rental

Picking the perfect Outer Banks beach vacation rental should be a fun family adventure, one you can enjoy before you even get to the OBX. Cruising the listings of our premier properties, dreaming about dipping your toes in the ocean, or thinking about that sunset are all just part of the planning process. However, with so many locations, amenities and sizes to choose from picking a vacation rental can be overwhelming. Not anymore because in this post we have everything you need to find the home that is just right for your family. 

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Book Direct And Save On Your OBX Beach Vacation

There is such a thing as a deal that is just too good to be true. Sadly in this day and age, it is getting harder and harder for consumers to know when they are getting a good deal. We've all seen the ads and the apps for online bookings agents. They all seem great on the surface. They advertise easy web searches, secure payment and loads of options and amenities. And of course, they always claim to have the best customer service. But when compared to what you get when you book directly with Elan Vacations. Let's take a closer look at how you can save up to 15% on your next Outer Banks Beach Vacation, and get the great customer service you deserve. 

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How To Have The Perfect Pet Friendly Outer Banks Beach Vacation

For many of us, a vacation without our four-legged friend is not a vacation at all. We at Elan Vacations agree, and we're proud to represent dozens of homes that allow dogs. The Outer Banks is a dog lover's paradise, with beautiful beaches, great places to walk, and all the services you need to ensure both you and your pet have an amazing Outer Banks experience. There isn't a pet-friendlier beach on the Atlantic Coast than the OBX of North Carolina. This post has everything you need to plan and prepare for an OBX beach vacation with your dog. 

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The 5 Best Day Trips To Take During Your OBX Beach Vacation

The Outer Banks of North Carolina are often referred to as the OBX. However, the OBX is made up of several unique towns and villages each with its own charm, character, and history. One of the best things about choosing an Outer Banks beach vacation is the ability to easily explore all the unique destinations on the OBX. This week we share with you five of the best day trips to take during your vacation. From Hatteras to Carova, we have all the best destinations, all within easy reach of your vacation rental. Grab a day bag, load up the kids and get ready to see so much more than you expected. Here we go with a brief multimedia tour of the five best day trips!
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Free And Cheap Things To Do On The Outer Banks

A budget-friendly Outer Banks vacation is easier than you might think! The first step to savings is choosing an Outer Banks vacation rental which gives you more bang for your buck than a hotel or motel stay, plus all of the amazing amenities that matter most to you. The next step is taking full advantage of all the free and cheap things to do on the OBX. Check out this incredible list of money-saving ways to enjoy your beach vacation without breaking the bank.

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The Best Way To Pack A Beach Lunch

A stay at your beautiful Outer Banks Vacation Rental isn't complete without spending long days on the incredible beaches of the OBX. It is said, an army marches on its stomach. Well, the same can be said for a family at the beach. Great food, sun, and sand are the perfect recipe for fun and relaxation. We've already provided the sun and the sand, but you'll need to bring the food. Today we'll give you all the tips and tricks you need to pack the perfect beach lunch.

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A Guide To Hunting For Seashells and Sea Glass On The OBX

Few places are as perfect for hunting seashells and sea glass as the pristine beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. With miles of beaches, various inlets, islands and strong currents serious beachcombers have known for years that to explore our beaches is a great treat. During your Outer Banks beach vacation make sure to take some time to do a little beach-combing. Here is everything you need to know to have a successful day searching for the perfect piece of sea glass or seashell.
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Say Yes To An Outer Banks Beach Destination Wedding

Have you recently said yes? Are you wondering where to have your wedding? How about an Outer Banks beach wedding! There are over a hundred miles of pristine beaches, loads of local resources, and is an easy to reach location from almost anywhere. We have the perfect place for your special day. However, we don't want you to just take our word for it. Take a look at the video below to get an idea of just how beautiful and special an OBX beach wedding can be. We don't want to brag, but we think its hard to beat the beauty of the OBX.

Explore The Lighthouse Of The Outer Banks

There is something magical about a lighthouse. Maybe it is the slow rhythmic turn of the light or the way the beam of light dances off the waves. No matter where you choose to take your Outer Banks beach vacation, chances are that you're not far from one of the iconic lighthouses of the Outer Banks. With bold colors, treacherous history, and glorious moments captured in our local lore and legend. These towering pieces of architecture are "must see" destinations during your OBX beach vacation. If you would like to see any of our lighthouses keep reading...oh, and charge up the camera. You're going to want to take a lot of pictures after reading this post.

5 Beautiful Golf Courses You Have To Play On The OBX

If you're a golfer and sitting at work dreaming of long fairways and doglegs then we have the place for you With beautiful weather and gorgeous courses, it is time to book a tee-time and hit the links OBX style on one or all of these 5 courses that you simply must play. Of course, we can help with the scheduling. Go ahead and book a 7-day vacation, that way you can have a couple days of rest, the other five well that is all golf, all day! Here are the 5 courses you must play.

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