The Top 5 Kiteboarding Spots in Hatteras

As one of the most consistent wind destinations on the East Coast, Cape Hatteras’s unique geographic design lends it the almost unrivaled privilege of offering an experience in virtually any wind direction. And with 70 miles of unlimited access to the water, both soundside and oceanside, Hatteras has proven itself to be a kiteboarder’s paradise!

According to local watersports groups, the following are some of the best spots on the island, so if you’re planning on leaving behind your hatteras vacation rental in search of a good kiteboarding expedition, then listen up:

1.Kite Point- Just past the renowned Canadian Hole, this is a good place to check out when just getting in town. The shallow waters of the sandy sound-side spit and steady winds make for a great spot for beginners. It’s also a go-to for locals when there’s a Nor Easter blowing in and there are always other kiters with useful information around the point to help out.

2.The South Side- the strip of coastline of Cape Hatteras that faces south, which warms up quickly in the spring as it is steeped in the Gulf Stream. It’s a popular spot for long ocean downwinders, which locals usually take down to Frisco Pier. An ideal spot with a cross-onshore wind to take your kiteboarding game to the next level.

3.Salvo Day Use Area (SDA) - The waist-deep water is nice and flat as it is protected by the cove that cuts out much of the chop. The steady winds and wide open space allows for plenty of room to play for hours. The area is for beginner/intermediate kiters and is usually filled with helpful locals that are friendly and happy to help anyone get started. It’s a great place to bring the whole family, too, as the open, calm water provides a lot of room to learn and play at your own pace.

4.Rodanthe-Salvo Downwinder (Ocean) – For intermediate/ expert kiters, begin just north of Rodanthe and jump right into the action as the ocean works you from knee to over-head high, heading south in perfect NE conditions.

5.The Slick- a famous little island that has played a big part in the advancement of the sport as a whole. Some of the best kiters in the world congregate here to ride. The polished surface lets riders speed through, perfect jumps and work on freestyle displays.

So, whether you’re a kiteboarding phenomenon or just looking to try it out, hatteras nc vacation rentals are the place to be and this guide should send you kiting in the right direction. For more information about the sport, or where to find watersport companies in Hatteras Village, click here.

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