The Most Important Reasons to Include the OBX in Your 2017

The Most Important Reasons to Include the OBX in Your 2017

Do you need and want a little more beach in your life? Of course you do! The Outer Banks of North Carolina is just the place to get that. With the New Year here, you'll want to make your beach vacation time a priority. Why? Well, we're glad you asked. There are a lot of reasons, but we'll focus on the most important reasons to include the OBX in your 2017.  

Once you've read this list, you'll want to grab your calendar and start penciling in your next Outer Banks vacation. Wait, trade in that pencil for permanent marker. This is important! 


Best Family Beach 

1. The OBX has been named best family beach in America.

Did you know that the Outer Banks of North Carolina has been named the best family beach vacation destination in the USA? It has! With over a 90-mile stretch of beautiful beaches and quintessential coastal charm there's a lot to love about the OBX.

So exactly what draws families to the beaches of the Outer Banks? We're glad you asked. Here are a few of the many reasons the OBX is a family-favorite beach vacation destination.

  • pristine barrier island beaches
  • plenty of affordable OBX vacation rentals
  • kid-friendly things to do
  • amazing attractions
  • safe, welcoming communities and beaches
  • dog-friendly beaches and vacation rentals
  • lots to do but not overly commercialized 
  • easy beach access with accessible parking
  • abundant history, culture, arts, nature and recreational experiences 


To find out more about why the Outer Banks is a family beach vacation favorite, check out this related post: Outer Banks Named Best Family Beach Vacation.



2. Dogs love an Outer Banks beach vacation.

From dog-friendly dining and the ultimate pet pampering to dog-friendly beaches and pet-friendly OBX vacation rentals, it's easy to see why dogs love the Outer Banks. It's the perfect place for all vacationers both two-legged and four-legged alike. Spending quality time with all of your family is why many people love to vacation here with each and every member of their family, furry ones included. No one gets left behind on an Outer Banks beach vacation!

You can read more about our Best Dog Beaches on the OBX and how to Pamper Your Pooch on Your OBX Vacation to learn more about all of your pet-friendly Outer Banks options. 


Good for You 

3. Science says vacations are good for you.

There are some definite health benefits that result from taking your well-deserved vacation time. Among them are a healthier and happier outlook on life, improved relationships with the ones you love the most, decreased stress and increased productivity. There are even studies that suggest that vacations decrease your risk of heart disease and can help you combat depression.

If you are one of the 42% of the American population who doesn't take any of your accumulated and hard-earned vacation time, then we strongly urge you to read more about the health benefits of a vacation and the scientific reasons why a vacation is good for you. Then, start making those vacation plans and feel good about doing so.


More to Love 

4. There's more to love on the OBX in 2017.

If you follow our blog, you already know that there are some big changes coming to the Outer Banks in 2017. There is the new OBX waterpark that is sure to make a big splash this year. There's also going to be more beach to love on the OBX with beach nourishment plans to help widen our beaches and make the Outer Banks better than ever. Every year brings plenty of annual events and local festivals to our OBX towns and beaches, and there are new ones cropping up all the time. You just never run out of things to do and things to love here. 


Bucket List 

5. Accomplish a few things on your bucket list of life.

Spice up your year and add adventure to your life in 2017. Push your boundaries, test your limits, try something new and exciting and challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. Pull out the bucket list and check off a few of your heart's desires. The Outer Banks is the ideal location to try a few new life experiences to add to your repertoire of adventure. If you don't have your own bucket list of to-dos, then check out our Outer Banks Bucket List and see what inspires you. Life is short, so seize the day! 

Well, these are a few our ideas why the Outer Banks needs to be a part of your new year in 2017. What important reasons do you have to include the OBX on your calendar this year? We want to know!

Do you have plans to be on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in 2017?

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