The Great Beach Showdown

Jockey's RidgePhoto Credit: Tim Butch, National Geographic

Temperatures are rising as we welcome spring with open arms. People everywhere are getting time off from school, work and their daily responsibilities. With such a long and dreary winter quickly passing us by, it’s high time for all of us to take a well-deserved vacation. A vacation, for most of us, means sunny skies, warm weather and, of course, relaxing on a sandy beach. While vacationers in North Carolina and neighboring states may choose Wrightsville Beach or Holden Beach, those unfortunate few will be missing out on a unique and amazing getaway spot, the Outer Banks. Think a beach is just a beach? Not quite. These beaches fall short in our beach showdown. Let us tell you why the Outer Banks should be your number one vacation destination this season.

According to, the Outer Banks ranks #5 among the top beaches of the United States. The beach was ranked just under the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii, Maui, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Honolulu. According to the website, "The Outer Banks remain a classic East Coast beach destination, with miles of expansive sands to please any landlocked travelers. OBX’s landscape remains largely undeveloped, allowing you plenty of photo ops without the intrusion of high-rises.” Still think a beach is just a beach? Considering a rental in Outer Banks yet?

The Outer Banks has an abundance of other wildlife to see while you are staying at any of our rentals in the Outer Banks. People come from all over just to see the famous wild horses of the Outer Banks. These beautiful creatures came here by way of Spanish explorers more than 500 years ago. Take an off-road safari in a caravan to see them run free in their natural habitat on areas of the beach only a 4x4 can venture. Few creatures can evoke such a sense of awe and beauty than the wild horses of the Outer Banks.

A lot of tourists may find popular beaches to be too crowded for their own liking. As locals, we can relate. One thing that people love about the Outer Banks is that it is so very unique and there are tons of different spots to choose from to suit your liking. You can customize your beach vacation to be however you like. If you like the less crowded, secluded types of beaches, you can head out to Ocracoke or Hatteras and find a spot where you are alone for miles. Or, if you like to feel busy, and in the midst of things, the Outer Banks can be a happening place—it all depends on where you go while you are here. While you’re vacationing at one of our rentals in Outer Banks, try and squeeze in a little bit of everything.

The Outer Banks prides itself in its local businesses. There are chain restaurants and shops here, however, the majority of our businesses are one-of-a-kind, local shops and eateries that you can’t find anywhere else. To make your Outer Banks rental vacation experience even more special, shop for special souvenirs at our distinct surf shops or dine in at a local restaurant and hang out with the locals.

If you’re considering staying at one of rentals in Outer Banks this season, you’re on the right track. As puts it, "Fishing, windsurfing, nature watching and ATV driving attracts the adventurous types while the beach, mini-golf and the aquarium entertains families and young couples. And each island has its own charm: The old lighthouses, rugged dunes and secluded beaches in the south couple with vacation rentals, water sports and kitschy beach shops in the north, all to form a unique seaside destination.” When it comes to beaches, the Outer Banks crushes the competition.

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