The Best Way To Protect Your Vacation Investment

Vacation Investment

Nothing is worse than having a vacation canceled, yet every year for thousands of travelers that is exactly what happens. No matter how well you plan, somethings in life are just beyond your control. Hurricanes, illness, or other emergencies can cause you to have to interrupt, delay or even cancel your well deserved Outer Banks vacation. When planning your next Outer Banks vacation make sure to protect your investment by purchasing travel insurance. Today we will discuss all the ins and outs of travel insurance and why it's not just prudent to purchase travel insurance but is, in fact, the only way to protect your vacation investment. 

Red Sky and Elan: A Dynamic Team 

Elan Vacations has created a dynamic relationship with the Red Sky Travel Insurance Company allowing us to offer our guests peace of mind through Red Sky's, Sun Trip Preserver coverage backed by one of the leading companies in the travel insurance industry. 

Unlike other companies, Red Sky is based right here in Kitty Hawk, NC. With their deep roots in the North Carolina Outer Banks, Red Sky understands the needs of our guests and visitors. If, and we hope it is a big if, you ever need to file a claim because for example there is a mandatory evacuation due to a hurricane, you'll be talking to a local, not some adjuster in Wyoming who has no idea of what is going on in our area. 


Hurricane Insurance

Door to Door Coverage

Red Sky's Trip Preserver policy is great because it covers you even before you depart for your OBX Vacation. It also provides some coverage on your way home from vacation. No other policy covers you from door to door like Trip Preserver. None of us like to think about it, but an interrupted trip can cost thousands in unplanned expenses. Changing a flight, additional nights in hotels, rental cars and meal expenses can easily reach into the thousands of dollars. We love our beautiful coast and we are sure you will too, but there is always Mother Nature's agenda which none of us is privy to. The reality is there are too many unforeseen events that can cause a cancelation or interruption of your OBX vacation, but thanks to Trip Preserver almost any contingency is covered. Here are just a few things Trip Preserver covers:

  • Mandatory Hurricane Evacuations
  • Emergency Accidents
  • Trip Cancelation 
  • Trip interruption
  • Sickness and medical expenses up to $25,000
  • Emergency Evacuations
  • 24-Hour locally based assistance
  • Lost or Stolen Personal items
  • Travel delays
  • Baggage delays
  • Uninhabilitabiliy of destination residence due to natural disaster
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Up to $100,000 rental reimbursement costs

For more information and facts regarding the Trip Preserver coverage, click here




Vacations are an investment in your family, and also an investment of your hard earned money. Nobody likes to buy insurance, but when you need it nobody wants to be without it. Deposits, car rentals, airfare, reservations for events, all can add up to the thousands of dollars. Having a vacation canceled or interrupted by an unforeseen event is bad enough, but losing hundreds or thousands of dollars is an unnecessary burden on your wallet. Add up all of the costs of your vacation. Now take 7% of your vacation rental and you will quickly see the amount of the insurance and its coverage far exceed your potential losses. A Sun Trip Preserver policy is based on a percentage of your total rent. Currently, the rate is set at 7% of your rental cost. All of our leases automatically include trip insurance, however, this coverage is optional and you may decline or accept it at the time you sign your lease. 

Here are a few facts related to the cost and purchasing of the travel insurance.

  • No refunds for vacations will be made for hurricane evacuations unless you have Trip Cancelation insurance.
  • Fees are due with your first payment
  • All fees are non-refundable 
Special Note: To obtain a pre-existing medical condition waiver you must buy your Trip Preserver Plan within 21 days of your initial trip deposit, and insure the trip's full non-refundable costs. For more details on the pre-existing medical condition, waiver call Red Sky at (866) 889-7409.

Statistically there is little chance that you will need t use your vacation insurance, however, the funny thing about statistics is they, like accidents, and natural disasters are impossible to predict. However, if something were to happen to disrupt your Outer Banks vacation it is nice to know with the Trip Preserver policy you'll have the financial security to focus on your loved ones and be able to get right back to the Outer Banks. 

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