Start Planning a Holiday Vacation in the Outer Banks

pumpkinsThe holidays are all about tradition and looking forward to this time of year. One awesome idea for a new tradition is spending the holidays on the Outer Banks. It is a magical time of year with warm days and chilly nights. There are smaller crowds, fun festivals, annual runs and more making it the perfect time to be here.

For families and friends who want to spend quality time together this is also a great season simply because the rental rates are so much lower on many of our vacation properties. But the key is to book early so you have the best options to fit your needs and desires especially since it is much more affordable for large groups to come together. With this in mind, we suggest you start planning a holiday vacation in the Outer Banks…and here is why.

Better Selection of Properties. Traditionally, holiday vacations are planned somewhat last minute. By booking now, there is a larger selection of great vacation rentals that accommodate large parties or multiple families. Many of these homes are newer homes or have been remodeled to offer more modern features including updated kitchens which we know are imperative for preparing holiday meals. By planning and booking now, you have the opportunity to get the Outer Banks rental you really want.

Exact Dates You Want. Another benefit from planning early for an Outer Banks holiday is that you can book the exact dates you want. This means that if you want to be able to spend the entire week of Thanksgiving here, by booking now, you can get the vacation rental you want during the week you want. That makes it so much easier to plan around school vacations not to mention the vacation requests at work.

Location You Love. Depending on what you love about the Outer Banks, there are so many options in different towns. By booking now, you can choose from Corolla, Kitty Hawk, Duck, and Nags Head rentals as well as those in other areas of the Outer Banks. While everything is within a short drive of most any town, some areas offer more amenities and conveniences than others that are less busy and slightly more remote. Another part to determining the location is where the property is situated in terms of the beach, sounds, or proximity to the Outer Banks activities you love.

Lower Rental Rates. Probably one of the most important factors, if not the most important, is that properties are offered at much lower rental rates during the fall (even the holiday weeks) in what we call ‘off season.’ Depending on the property, it is possible that you can get a premium home at a rate up to 50 percent less than the peak summer season rate. This makes a huge difference in allowing families to return and experience the Outer Banks at a different time of year.

Get Organized and Plan Your Outer Banks Vacation Early

If you and your family or friends are thinking about spending the upcoming holidays at the beach, the main thing we suggest is that you get organized and plan your vacation in the Outer Banks early. Being able to reserve the vacation home you want not only gives you something to which you can look forward, it takes away the stress of planning last minute vacations.

We can help you select the ideal property to fit all your needs and wants so that you have the picture-perfect holiday and begin a new tradition of spending the holidays on the Outer Banks. We promise you will love it and want to come back year after year. Call us at (252) 491-8787 or toll free at (866) 760-ELAN (352). If you find what you want on our website, you can also book online.

We will see you in a couple of months!

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