Spend the Day in Duck

guide-to-duck-ncDuck is one of the Outer Banks’ most quaint and beautiful towns. Its uncrowded beaches and small town atmosphere make it a pleasure for families to visit year after year. Elegant dining, fantastic shopping, and a plethora of activities are why this beach town truly has it all. If you are spending your entire Outer Banks vacation in Duck then you will have time to check out the different shops and restaurants it has to offer. However, if you are staying in another beautiful Outer Banks town, your time in Duck might not be as plentiful. Read below to find out how to best spend a day in Duck.

Any great day in Duck should start at the beach. If you are the type of beach vacationer that likes to get their day started with a cup of coffee, Duck will certainly provide you with what you need. For a unique morning experience, visit Duck’s Cottage Coffee & Books. This classic coffee shop will remind you and your family that you are on vacation, so sit back and relax! Be sure to bring some beach games, your beach chairs, and an umbrella as the summer morning sun can be toasty before the breeze picks up in the afternoon. It is common for the wind to pick up during summer afternoons, so try your best to hang out on the beach until then as this is when the beach is most pleasant.

Once the afternoon breeze kicks up, you will most likely be ready for some lunch. Duck is full of great places to find a bite to eat. One very popular restaurant is Fishbones Raw Bar and Restaurant. They serve excellent coastal cuisine with a Caribbean flair! Enjoy burgers, shrimp, chowders, crab, and many other treats from the sea!

After you have had some time for your food to settle, you will certainly want to check out all of the shopping destinations that Duck has to offer. There are so many awesome local retailers in this town that it would be impossible to visit them all in one day. Galleries, boutiques, surf shops, and more will provide you with the perfect beach souvenir to take home. One of the best areas to visit if you are looking for a great shopping experience is Scarborough Faire. No matter what kind of item you are looking for, chances are Scarborough Faire has it!

If you have any energy left after your day spent in Duck, an excellent dining experience you won’t soon forget awaits at Aqua Restaurant. You will enjoy dishes prepared by some of the Outer Banks’ top chefs while watching the sunset over the Currituck Sound. Gourmet dishes from both the land and the sea will leave even the most sophisticated diner impressed.

No matter how you choose to spend your day in Duck, you simply cannot go wrong. This town has grown dramatically in popularity over the past 10-15 years, and for good reason! Come see why so many families love this beach town. Find a favorite shop or restaurant of your own!

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