Snowy Winter Means Getting What You Want in May & June

After a winter filled with record snowfall in many parts of the country, many families are making their vacation plans a little later than usual due to the uncertainty of their children’s make-up snow days.  For travelers with school-aged children, making up the days missed during the winter for bad weather is pushing back their regularly scheduled vacations for a few weeks. Because of this, there is still time to book your last-minute May and June vacations to the Outer Banks. 

Use this chance to snag up prime vacation rental listings featuring the amenities you want in your favorite Outer Banks locations AND at a lower price, as May and June rates are lower than rental rates in the high season! For a list of discounts and specials on spring rentals, click: here! Don’t wait and have to settle for your second choice later in the season when there are less rentals to choose from. Go ahead and book today and enjoy the freedom of getting exactly what you want for your next Outer Banks vacation! We look forward to seeing you here! 

Spring Booking Resources:

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