Restaurants Open During the Winter Months

restaurants open on the outer banks in winterWhile the charm of the Outer Banks during the summer months is hard to beat, the winter season can be very enjoyable as well. Vacationers and locals alike enjoy the winter months when dining out as there is always ample seating at our favorite restaurants. However, finding a restaurant brave enough to stay open through the entire winter can be quite challenging. Many restaurants stay open during the shoulder seasons and eventually close as things slow down towards December and January. Listed below are a couple of restaurants that should be rewarded for serving their fantastic food year round.

Bad Bean

Equipped with two locations, one in Kill Devil Hills and one in Corolla, Bad Bean should be a Mexican cuisine "must visit” during all Outer Banks vacations. While it is locally owned and operated, Bad Bean seeks to explore the furthest potential of Mexican cuisine. Check out one of their locations for an experience that is both authentic and unique!

Lucky 12 Tavern

If you are looking for a dining experience with a little excitement, check out Lucky 12 Tavern. The perfect restaurant to visit if you are staying in any one of our Nags Head Vacation Rentals. Lucky 12’s menu features a variety of offerings including pizza, seafood, soups, salads, steaks, and awesome sandwiches. Upon entering the building you will be greeted by sports décor and multiple flat screen TV’s making it the perfect place to watch the sporting event of your choice.

Mulligan’s Raw Bar & Grille

Another classic Outer Banks dining location with a lot to offer located in Nags Head across from Jockey’s Ridge State Park. Mulligan’s menu includes amazing seafood, salads, sandwiches, and award winning burgers that will brighten up any winter day. The dining area at Mulligan’s Raw Bar and Grille is extremely spacious and comfortable. For those looking to make a new friend, head upstairs to hang out or dine in the bar and deck area.

Outer Banks Brewing Station

If you are as concerned with your beverage as you are with your entrée, visit a restaurant that specializes in pairing the two together. Outer Banks Brewing Station, located in Kill Devil Hills, serves items that are a must for any brewery and so much more. The menu includes seafood classics such as shrimp and grits, scallops, tuna, and mussels in addition to steaks and salads that are professionally paired with any of their amazing beers brewed on site.

Blue Moon Beach Grill

Nestled in in the Old Nags Head District’s Surfside Plaza, Blue Moon Beach Grill’s menu and atmosphere will give you the cozy winter dining experience an Outer Banker would enjoy. Signature cheese steaks, seafood dishes, and salads are enjoyed by all who visit their recently expanded location. Blue Moon Beach Grill is often packed during the summer months with long waits due to their amazing dishes. Take advantage of the cold weather and treat yourself to an impressive dining experience.

Amazing Outer Banks dining experiences are simply limited to the summer time. If you know which of our wonderful restaurants to visit during the winter months, your winter nights will be full of fun and amazing food!

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