Plan Your Family Friendly OBX Labor Day

Labor Day is fast approaching, and whether you're visiting the OBX for a week or a long weekend, there are plenty of great events to make your Outer Banks Rental experience full of fun and excitement. This time of year is one of the best times to visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina. With the peak season over, enjoy a slower pace here on the OBX. The crowds have thinned and with so many beautiful things to do, Labor Day is the perfect time to vacation on our coast. We have a lot going on that you won't want to miss this Labor head on down to the OBX and join the celebration.

Find the Perfect Vacation Home

Before we start planning all the fun things to do and see during your family's Labor Day celebration, first we have to find the perfect Elan Outer Banks vacation home. What's the best way to do this? Easy, book direct with us by clicking here! Looking for some advice from our staff on great specials, locations, and ideas. We have years of experience helping visitors have a fantastic time on the OBX. Give us a call today and homes like the one you see here can be your family destination. 

Reenactment of Beach Apparatus Rescue Drill

Chicamacomico Life Saving Station Historic Site (say that three times fast) provides an excellent opportunity to explore the unique history of the Outer Banks. The OBX was once a desolate barren landscape. Few residents and even fewer visitors came to the Outer Banks. Often those who found the OBX found it because they became shipwrecked off the coast caught by dangerous Atlantic storms. For many sailors, their only hope of survival rested with the brave men of the Chicamacomico Life Saving Station. Find out about the fearless men who manned this early life-saving station, explore a great museum, and learn what life-saving on the Outer Banks was like before the modern Coast Guard. The highlight of your visit is sure to be watching the staff reenactment of a rescue drill.

Fish On

Fishing on the OBX is a time-honored tradition. There is just something special about the local waters, piers, and beaches. Whether sitting on the pristine beach surf, casting and telling tall tales, or wetting a line off one of the'll have a great time wrangling with the big one. Flounder, sea mullet, and croaker are just some of the inshore fish you will find off the OBX. With virtually hundreds of miles of coastline along the Outer Banks to fish, this fun sport is excellent for the novice and the experienced angler alike. 

You will need a North Carolina Fishing License so make sure to get one prior to wetting a line. If you need help with setting up your rig to ensure you snag that trophy or dinner, just stop by and see one of the many local fishing supply stores. You'll find plenty of tall tales and friendly staff to help you get set up.

Meet A Mustang

If you have never seen a wild horse in its native environment, you're missing out on one of those special moments that can't be described without actually seeing it. Watching these regal animals stroll along the dunes, or playing in the tidal pools is something unique to the OBX. Plan a day to take a short drive up to the Corolla Wild Horse Museum. Rescued wild horses are housed and cared for by the staff the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. Enjoy the museums activities, and learn about the dedicated volunteers of the museum who are preserving and caring for these beautiful native wild horses. Each Friday, from 10am to 1pm, visitors are invited to "Meet a Mustang". This is a great opportunity to learn about these unique wild horses, see how they are being cared for, and even get to pet one. Kids are sure to remember meeting a wild mustang for years to come

Surf's Up

Looking for a little excitement this Labor Day? Why not take the whole family out on the water for a day of surfing. Surfing is a fun and challenging sport that any age can enjoy. Plus, think of how cool your kids will feel seeing mom and dad hanging ten on the water. There are loads of excellent surf schools on the Outer Banks, and being a little later in the season you'll get the best rates.  For everything you need to know about surfing on the Outer Banks, check out our previous post: Surf's Up on the Outer Banks where we give you all the best info in one place. 

Unplug for the Night

Labor Day isn't just a day off from our hectic work and school schedules. It's also a chance for you to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. So often we sit at dinner with our cell phones chirping and buzzing. The kids are on Snapchat, mom is updating Instagram, and we lose those precious moments that the beach is all about-family time!

This Labor Day plan a night to set down the laptop and turn off the t.v. Tonight is all about plugging into your family. Grab your favorite board game, order in a pizza, or better ye.t cook a meal together as a family. Make it all about the one thing you can't ever have enough of with your family-time! 

Still haven't booked your Outer Bank beach vacation home for the Labor Day holiday? Don't worry there is still plenty of time and our friendly reservationists are here to help you find the perfect home. Give us a call today at 866-760-3526 or click on the button below to start planning your Labor Day celebration today.

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