Places to Visit During Your Corolla Vacation

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In addition to the gorgeous beaches, you and your family will enjoy visiting historical sites and tours that make this area famous while staying in your Corolla vacation rental. Take home memories of Corolla's towering lighthouse; the historic home and grounds of the Whalehead; and the beautiful feral horses grazing the marshlands and escaping the flies on the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean.

Historic Corolla Village

Tour the quaint village of Corolla in which many of the historic homes have been restored and converted into shops and galleries.

Currituck Beach Light Station

  • 1101 Corolla Village Road, Corolla, NC 27927
  • (252) 453-4939
  • website

Visit the famous one-million-brick lighthouse that is the heart of the historic village of Corolla. Visitors can climb the spiral staircase containing 214 steps and then enjoy a panoramic view of the Currituck Sound, Atlantic Ocean, and Currituck Outer Banks from the top. During your climb, stop to read about the history of coastal lighthouses, the Fresnel lens, local shipwrecks, and the lighthouse keepers. Inside the lighthouse, you will also find beautiful lighthouse exhibits.

Visit their website for dates and hours of operation and admission prices.

The Whalehead

  • 1100 Club Road,Corolla, NC 27927
  • (252) 453-9040

Don't miss an opportunity to tour the historic home of Edward Collings Knight, Jr., a wealthy northern industrialist and avid waterfowl hunter. His splendid winter home, which was completed in 1925, is an excellent example of the "ornamental Art Nouveau style" of architecture.

Visit the Whalehead Club website for dates and hours of operation and admission prices.

Interpretive Trail

This walking trail will guide you and your family through the grounds of Whalehead, down the nature boardwalk, and through portions of the historic Corolla Village. You will see and read over 20 markers that explain the history of the property and the natural habitats and wildlife common to the area. The Whalehead Club provides a map of the trail that visitors can download.

Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education

  • 1160 Village Ln, Corolla, NC 27927
  • (252) 453-0221
  • website

While the , visit the Wildlife Education Center and explore their exciting displays. Attractions at the center include a collection of decoys and an 8,000-gallon exhibit that represents the conditions above and below the Currituck Sound. The center also offers a short film in the auditorium, or you can register for any of the free programs or classes offered for both children and adults. Admission is free.

The Banker Horses

These federally-protected feral horses, registered as Colonial Spanish Mustangs, freely roam the northernmost marshlands and beaches of the Outer Banks.

The best and safest way for you and your family to see these lovely horses is to take a guided tour. There are several tour companies that specialize in finding the horses within their expansive habitat; however, during certain times of year it is likely that you will see them grazing in residential yards or cooling themselves in the ocean.

NOTE: As visitors to their home, it is our responsibility to help keep the Banker horses safe. Never approach, touch, or attempt to feed a horse and keep at least 50 feet away from them at all times—it is the law. Don't be fooled by their docile appearance—mares with foals at their sides and their stallions are particularly protective and might even chase you if you get too close. And, if you are caught approaching a horse, you will be fined.

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