Our Favorite Things to Do in Nags Head

When it comes to summer vacations the Outer Banks offers some of the best beaches and outdoor activities on the entire east coast.

Nags Head Fishing

"The one statement we hear from our guests the most often is how their week went so fast," according to Elan Vacations President, Norman T. Bibeau. "Even though they had a great week at the beach, they wish they could stay a few more days," he says.

Most vacationers have a general idea of what they want to do but it is not uncommon for guests to ask us for some of our favorite things to do in Nags Head and on the Outer Banks. With that in mind, here are our favorite things to do in Nags Head.

  • Hang Out on the Beach. Yes – we know that this is probably the primary reason most people visit the Outer Banks. But instead of frequenting the beach closest to their vacation rentals Nags Head visitors should take a day or two and explore the fantastic beaches from Corolla to Hatteras. Each has its own niche which is appealing to everyone whether it is surfing, SUP boarding, swimming, building sand castles or just relaxing on the beach with a book. The most important things to take are sunscreen, a chair and an umbrella. The summer sunshine is strong and can lead to uncomfortable and even painful sunburns. Be prepared!
  • Rent a SUP Board. SUP boarding, as it is known in the surfer world, is one of the most fun activities at the beach. There is nothing like getting out on the water for a first-hand look at life in the sea. It is truly incredible to watch fish swim under the board. The best places to go out with a paddle board are where the water is somewhat smooth. It is worth a trip down to Pamlico Sound but if the ocean is on the smoother side, head out with the board. We promise that this is something that hooks everyone.
  • Explore the Outer Banks. There is so much to see which is why some vacationers come to explore the Outer Banks over an entire week. From heading north to Corolla to see the wild horses running on the beach to heading south to the Bodie Island Lighthouse, there are tons of unique places to discover. One place to see is the Pea Island Wildlife Refuge, a 4,000-acre wildlife refuge at the north end of Hatteras Island with over 365 species of birds to see. Most people find little hidden locales that become their favorite spots to visit.
  • Jockey Ridge State Park. Located in Nags Head, Jockey Ridge is the tallest natural sand dune in the eastern United States. This is a must see, not only because it is fascinating, but because there is a lot to do there. Hike the trail that traverses the dune, take a kite to fly, or partake in one of the more extreme sports. Hang gliding is popular for anyone who is certified and possible at designated spots.
  • Fishing. Beach trips equal fishing. In Nags Head, aficionados love to stand at the surf and fish. But equally as popular are the two piers in Nags Head – the Nags Head Fishing Pier and the Outer Banks Fishing Pier often provide successful fishing adventures and delicious dinners for many vacationers.

So Much to Do

With lots of time, we can easily compile a huge list because there is so much to do in Nags Head and on the Outer Banks. But since this is not be your last trip, come back and we will give you more ideas.

When it comes to vacation rentals Nags Head has some of the best on the Outer Banks. Give us a call at (866) 760-ELAN or email us for information and ideas to make Outer Banks vacations the best ever.

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