NYU Student Producing Nags Head, A Short Film

lauren elizabeth mullenThe Outer Banks has inspired many books and movies over the years, but watching and reading the newest publications never gets old for those who adore the beaches. Lauren Elizabeth Mullen, a student at New York University is releasing a short film focusing on the Outer Banks called Nags Head. This young Outer Banks enthusiast is completing the work for completion of her major. According to Lauren:

The film follows a family of four vacationing in the Outer Banks. The story centers on Vivian, an athlete halfway done with college, as she struggles to find the balance between pleasing her parents and standing up for herself. Unfortunately, her parents are too caught up in the arguments of their failing marriage to pay her much attention. Her rebellious and witty younger brother, Caleb, is quick to mock her through his art by painting murals of her insecurities on her morning jogging path, ultimately pushing her towards her breaking point.

The heart of this short film is the relationship between Vivian and Caleb. With this script, I have distilled the moment when they stop being just siblings and become friends. This film, in a way, is a tribute to the unique relationship sibling have with one another; in how you can push each other to the edge but in the end of the you still have each other's back.

Lauren spent a large portion of her youth visiting the Outer Banks and fell in love with the nature and beauty of it all. Being inspired by her favorite vacation spot, we asked Lauren what made the Outer Banks so special to her:

To me, what makes the Outer Banks is special is the quiet, unassuming nature. Somehow it feels removed from the rest of the world in a way that I actually do forget about the stresses of reality and am actually able to relax and enjoy myself.

A big part of this I think comes from respecting the nature and wildlife. I love all of the national and state parks, and driving down route 12 with the only sign of people being the telephone wires. It just feels like you've been let in on a secret place that no one knows about.

Some of my favorite memories are just of me sitting on the pool deck with my family, looking up and being able to see the entire Milky Way. Coming from New York where if you see one star you're lucky, it immediately puts you in a mindset to appreciate the little things.

This short film will show the charm and lure of the Outer Banks and how it can touch you and take hold of your heart.  Currently the film team is raising money to produce the film. To learn more or donate to Nags Head visit Lauren's Kickstarter Page and follow her on social media:




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