Local Ocacroke Teacher Wins Jeopardy!!

Teacher Wins Jeopardy!!
Ocracoke teacher Charles Temple woke up this morning tired, happy, and $100,000 richer.

On Friday night, he won the first-ever ‘Jeopardy’ The Teachers Tournament.

Along with that came $100,000, as well as a guaranteed spot in the Tournament of Champions airing later this year.

He was also just really, really happy that he no longer has to be mum about the outcome of the show, which was taped March 28 and 29 in Los Angeles.

He was sworn to secrecy until the final round of the two-week tournament.

"I’m happy not to have the biggest secret in Ocracoke anymore,” Temple said in a telephone interview Saturday morning.

Friends and family knew he was one of 15 teachers selected to participate in the tournament and they knew when the shows were taped, but they had to wait until last night to find out how Temple did.

Keeping the secret, he said, was the worst the first week after he returned from the taping and the past week as his fans watched him steadily progress to the final show.

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