Kayak Fishing and Events on the Outer Banks

kayak fishing on the outer banksDid you ever dream of reeling in a gorgeous dolphin from your kayak? Well, it happens more often than you think. A growing sport that allows you to fish from a kayak is, well, kayak fishing. This way of fishing is becoming more and more popular with water lovers and combines two favorite pastimes – fishing and kayaking. A little different from fishing off sport fishing boats, kayak fishing takes a little bit of skill and a lot of balance to keep the kayak upright all while reeling in larger fish. Still, the biggest appeal with kayak fishing is that it can be as relaxing or as thrilling and exciting as you could ever imagine.

North Carolina as a whole offers some of the best kayak fishing in the country. If you like the OBX and are thinking about kayak fishing vacations, the Outer Banks waters offer some of the best places to fish for every skill level.

Kayak Fishing on the OBX

Over the past 10 years or so, the Outer Banks has become one of the best places in the country for kayak fishing simply because of with the sheer number of places to fish. Whether the plan calls for a nice quiet afternoon on one of the calmer sounds or more adventure off shore in the Atlantic with more exhilarating action, kayak fishing is a newer sport that has unlimited possibilities for everyone in the family.

For those who are newer to the sport, there are several ways to take on kayak fishing. Heading out with one of the guided kayak fishing tours on the OBX is probably the best way to go kayak fishing. This is a much easier way to get the hang of the sport not to mention a lot safer when taking kids out. With guided fishing tours, kayaks are launched from one of many launch sites into any of the sounds.

As skills advance and more daring excursions come into play, charter kayak fishing trips are also available. This is the type of trip where skill and balance are the name of the game. With kayak fishing charters, guests are taken out into the Gulf Stream by charter boats from which kayaks are launched. The guide of the charter is always close by to help the fishermen gaffe and land big fish like dolphin and even tuna. This is extreme sport fishing at its very best.

Upcoming OBX Kayak Fishing Events

Because kayak fishing has become so popular, tournaments have begun to pop up across the state. In fact, on the OBX, there is a pretty fun tournament coming up this month.

The Kitty Hawk Surf Company Kayak Fishing Tournament is on the schedule for September 20. From the Kitty Hawk Pier to Hatteras Inlet, kayak fishermen will fill the waters testing their abilities while trying to nab "the big one.” They have the choice of fishing one mile out in the Ocean or five miles inland on one of the Sounds depending on where they think the fish are biting.

The event starts with a Captain’s meeting on Friday, September 19 at 6pm with the tournament kicking off at first safe light on Saturday morning. The tournament species are Flounder, Puppy Drum and Speckled Trout.

Fishing on the Outer Banks

September is a great time to visit the OBX. Even though the weather may be a little "iffy” this time of year, it makes for excellent fishing. And Kitty Hawk rentals as well as those in other OBX locales are usually available for shorter stays.

Fishing has always been a top reason so many people visit the Outer Banks not to mention a major livelihood for so many who live here. Kayak fishing simply brings a newer way to enjoy a favorite activity.

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