How to Make Amazing DIY Beach Decorations

DIY Beach Decorations 
Your OBX Vacation home reflects your love of the beach. After all, you could've chosen to vacation or live anywhere and you made the choice to live by Sea and you want your home to reflect that passion. For beach lovers, there is no place else that will fulfill the soul like the Atlantic Coast of NC. Today we show you how to make amazing DIY decorations allowing you to add your own personal style and touch to your Outer Banks Vacation home. Of course, if you are just visiting and want to bring a little beach style home with you, these are the perfect way to do so. Let’s get started.

What You'll NeedHot Glue Gun

As with any project, there are a few things that you'll need to get started. A basic set of items that will be used across many of these projects. The good news is almost everything can be purchased at the dollar store or Walmart making these projects fun and inexpensive.

Materials You Can Get at the Dollar Store or Walmart
  • bag of shells (of course finding them is even more fun)
  • twine burlap
  • sand candles
  • glass vases
  • glass candleholders
  • mason jars
  • twinkle lights (battery operated) 

Supplies You May Need:
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • mod podge
  • paint or foam brushes
  • adhesive (super glue, e6000, etc)
  • sandpaper 
  • craft knife 
  • scissors 
  • tape
Remember to always be safe and wear protective eye wear. If you are looking to involve the kids make sure they are supervised while using sharp knives and scissors.

5 Fun Projects

Drift Wood Candle Holder

This project is not only easy to make, but also gets you out on the beach exploring for that perfect piece of driftwood. All you need to do to get started with this project is find a piece of driftwood you like. This project can be used as a centerpiece or an accent piece, so get creative with the size and shape of the driftwood. Next, find votive of small glass candles. Generally smaller candles will look best. Take a drill and drill bit (the bit needs to be the size of the base of the candle) and drill out the holes in the driftwood. Add the candles. Bam! You have a beautiful accent piece everyone will love. 

Shell Twinkle LightsShell Twinkle Lights

This is the perfect way to make a beach themed accent light or even a night light for the kiddos. First, you need to head out to the beach and gather up some shells. Make sure to clean the shells before you put them in the jar. In the base, if you want, you can add a half of cup of sand to add a little weight. Then add the shells. Next, you want to add battery operated LED fairy lights into the jar. This way you can move this wherever you like. Old mason jars that can be found at antique stores are perfect for the project, we especially like the ones made with blue glass. 

Rustic Rope Lamp

Nothing says nautical like old distressed rope and we love the old world feel this lamp will give your beach cottage. For this project have fun hunting for an old unique lamp. Don’t be too picky about the look of it as it will be covered with rope. Concentrate on finding a shape you think will accent your home. You’re going to need rope. A great place to find this is again at an antique or junk shop. Look for old block and tackle which will have a nice rope with some character to it. Take the rope and wrap the base of the lamp with it, using a hot glue gun to adhere the rope to the lamp. Now all you need is a shade that matches your décor.

Driftwood SeahorseDriftwood Seahorse

The seahorse is an iconic symbol of the beach. Besides everyone loves a Seahorse, there is just something playful and soothing about them. For this project, you have a few options. You can make this as big or as small as you would like. We think a nice size is about 36 inches high allowing you to make this a great wall decoration. To make the seahorse it is best to get some large paper and draw out the shape. Next, you will need to make a small frame of vertical pieces. Think of these as the spine. You’re going to need a lot of small pieces of driftwood. Be sure to look for pieces with interesting colors and texture. Now simply hot glue the pieces of driftwood horizontally along the spine you made using the large template you drew earlier as your guide.

Beach Pallet Wall Art

This is a great project for both adults and kids alike. First, you’ll need to get a pallet. Always look for the old ones with that nice grey patina. Those are perfect. Avoid new ones or pressure treated wood as you don’t want those chemicals in your home. You’ll need about 8 to 10 pieces of the pallet, cut pieces about 6 to 8-inches in length. Now take one other piece of pallet cutting it again long enough to allow those 8 to 10 pieces to be stacked on top of each other. Think of making a latter. Then hot glue the pieces to the long piece. Of course, would glue would work as well and be even stronger, but you will want to let it sit overnight to cure. After it has cured sand the wood to give you a smooth surface to paint. Now the sky is the limit. You can put a quote, or maybe the name of your cottage on the sign, really anything is possible. 

Vintage Oar Coat RackOar Coat Rack

Maybe the best part of this DIY project is the hunting you’ll have to do for the perfect Oar. Luckily here on the OBX we have tons of great shopping and from Corolla to Hatteras you’ll find small boutiques, antique shops and everything in between. First, you need to find the Oar. Once found you have a few options. You can either keep it’s original colors as many oars have interesting colors on the blade. Or you can sand it and paint it to the color of your choice. Next, you’ll want to distress it a bit, as we want a more vintage look. Once stressed, you can add as many hooks as would like. The hooks will be drilled along the shaft. Once completed just mount to the wall and you have an interesting and very nautical themed coat rack for your entrance

There are literally thousands of DIY ideas out there which allow you to have fun and  explore your creative side. During your OBX vacation take some time with the kids to explore the beaches, looking for interesting and unique driftwood, and shells. Many of these projects are ones that can easily be completed on a rainy day or maybe you just want to get the kids together and get them away from the TV for a bit. Either way, you’ll add warmth and charm to your OBX Beach vacation home. If you are looking for the perfect Outer Banks beach vacation make sure to start planning now as homes are filling up fast.


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