How to Have the Perfect Valentine's Day on the Outer Banks

Perfect Valentine's Day 
Valentine's Day is almost here and if you're looking for a few last-minute ideas on how to celebrate this special day you're in luck, because we have some great ideas. From free things to do to the more upscale ideas they all take place right here on the beautiful Outer Banks. Make this a truly amazing Valentine's Day by making it an OBX Valentine's Day. Don't forget to check out our previous post: How to Plan the Most Romantic Beach Escape Ever, for even more great ways to have a romantic getaway during your Outer Banks beach vacation. 

Sunrise On The Beach

If there was ever a great reason to get up early and watch a sunrise together, an OBX sunrise is it. Don't worry it isn't too early (Sunrise is at 6:51 on Feb 14). Here's the plan. Set the coffee pot a little early so you have a cup of your favorite coffee. Cut up some nice fresh fruit the night before. Grab a cup of each and head out to the beach about a half hour before. Make sure to bring a cozy blanket to snuggle up with. The rest is easy, sit back with the person you love and prepare yourself for the best show on earth. 


Give The Entire Garden

Sure, you could get flowers for her but why not give her the entire garden! The world is busy enough and finding those quiet times with our loved ones is more important then ever. This Valentine's Day take some time and head over to the Elizabethan Gardens  and stroll the beautiful grounds together. The Gardens are a masterpiece and better than anything you'll find at a florist. Unlike flowers the gardens come with with quality alone time with your loved one, and that's a truly precious gift.

Visit An OBX Winery

A few miles from your Outer Banks vacation rental you'll find Sanctuary Vineyards. This local vineyard creates a delicious variety of wines. Several of the vineyard's wines have won prestigious awards. Wine tastings are held daily and it just so happens that on Wednesday, February 14, at 1 pm. they give a tour of the vineyard. Sounds like a great excuse to take a short drive over to Jarvisburg and learn all about the local wine. After the tour sit back and relax while sampling some their great wines. Don't forget to pick up a few bottles for later. It is Valentine's Day after all.


Have A Magical Experience With The Wild Horses Of Corolla

There are certain things about the Outer Banks that once experienced never leave your heart. Located in Currituck County on the Northern end of the Outer Banks you'll find wild Spanish Mustangs galloping along the shore or slowly wandering through the marshes. These magical creatures have been warming the hearts of Outer Banks visitors for decades. Take a romantic trip up to Corolla for the day and learn all about these wonderful animals. Make sure to spend time at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund and for the best experience take a guided tour to see and learn all about the horses. 

Where Romance and Adventure Meet

For many couples, there is nothing more relaxing than a great adventure. Maybe it is kayaking along Pea Island or parasailing high above the beautiful waters of the Outer Banks. No matter how you choose to get your adrenaline fix as a couple your Outer Banks vacation rental is the perfect place to find an adventure during your romantic stay. Read our previous post: Five Amazing Adventures You Have to Try on the OBX  for some great adventures you'll both be talking about for years to come. 


 A Romantic Dinner Awaits

Sure, there are a lot of places that can boast about their wonderful Valentine's Day dinner and how romantic their location is. But let's be fair, it really isn't a fair comparison when you can have a romantic dinner at one of the several waterfront or water view restaurants on the Outer Banks. There is just something romantic about a dinner where the backdrop is framed by the majestic Atlantic Ocean. Looking for a suggestion? Try Basnight's Lone Cedar restaurant which is kicking off their 2018 season with a valentine's evening special. With local farm to table ingredients and view that is out of this world Basnight's is a great place to have a romantic dinner. 

Sunset On The Sound

Unlike many places on the coast the Outer Banks beach vacation allows visitors to see the sun rise over the water and set over the water. Each evening you'll see folks line up on Jockey's Ridge to watch the sun melt into the Roanoke Sound. This is truly a spectacular sunset and during the winter months because of the cool clear air the sunsets are even more spectacular. Pack a small picnic with a special treat like chocolate covered strawberries and sit back and watch one of mother nature's most romantic shows.

Moonlit Walk On The Beach

Nicholas Sparks must be on to something. Ever notice how all the romantic scenes in movies take place on the beach. Maybe it is a cliche, or maybe it is the perfect way to end an evening with your loved one. The Outer Banks is lucky to have miles of pristine beaches. Accessing the beach is easy with lots of parking and dozens of convenient locations. No matter where you decide to stay during your Outer Banks beach vacation you'll never be far from a romantic stroll on the beach. 

However you choose to spend your Valentine's Day, week or weekend on the Outer Banks there is no denying the beauty and romance of our beautiful beaches. If you're looking for that perfect OBX vacation rental give one of our friendly reservationists a call today, or explore our many well-appointed beach homes online. We look forward to seeing you on the OBX!

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