How to Get Fit and Fabulous for Summer

How to Get Fit and Fabulous for Summer 

Summertime isn't all that far away. Beach vacations are on the horizon. Swimsuit season is near. Have you been thinking about getting healthier, more active and more fit? Those are worthy goals not just for summer but for anytime that you're ready to make a change in your life. Every day is a new chance to make an improvement, so seize the day! What exactly do you need to do to be successful at slimming down and shaping up? Let us help.

Transforming yourself into a fitter, healthier and subsequently happier being only requires a few rock-solid commitments to the person who matters most here: YOU. Here's what you need to do.


1. Commit to make a change.Commit to make a change

You know what they say about doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result: insanity. You have to change something, anything. Pick at least one thing that you are willing to change in your life that will make you healthier and commit to it. Write it down. Tell a friend. Post it on social media. Do something that sets that change in motion and makes it official—and holds you to a higher level of accountability. 

What are some easy ways to make a change? Choose to drop that soda habit. Sign up for an exercise class. Cut out desserts. Omit that daily glass of wine. Log in to MyFitnessPal. It doesn't require much, just pick one thing in your life that you can do to make a change in your daily habits. Just one! Totally doable.

2. Set a goal and a reward.

You can't measure your achievement over time if you don't set some sort of goal. Whether it's a weight-loss goal, a daily exercise goal, a number on the scale or a certain clothes size, give yourself something to work toward and a way to monitor your success along the way. Mark it on your calendar or note it on your fitness app or put it on a sticky note where you'll see it every day. Celebrate your successes as you close in on your goal and be forgiving of yourself on those days where you struggle. Keep the end goal in sight and push forward! 

Plan to reward yourself when you do achieve your goal with something that recognizes your success and celebrates your tenacity and achievement. Choose something personal to you that will help motivate you along the way. When you're struggling, focus on that reward and use it to help get you through. 

3. Exercise daily.Exercise daily

A minimum of 30-60 minutes per day is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We're all busy and have a hard time finding extra hours in the day to squeeze in exercise but it's essential to a healthier and happier you. Can you get up an hour earlier? Exercise during your lunch break? Exchange an hour of TV for an hour of exercise (or do both at the same time)? Take a walk after dinner each night?

While many choose to set a weekly exercise goal, we challenge you to make a daily exercise goal. What better way to ensure that exercise is part of your day than to actually do it every single day? That's probably a huge change for you right there and you're guaranteed to see and feel the benefits almost immediately. It's also a big step toward consistency since you're making it part of your every day. Try it! Better yet, commit to it.

4. Choose a healthier diet.Healthier diet

Your diet is 80% of your success or failure when it comes to losing weight and getting fit. That's a pretty big factor, right? And not one to take lightly. Whenever possible choose healthier fuel for your body. Be mindful of what's going inside your body and you'll see the results on the outside.

Making healthier choices when it comes to your food and drink can be as simple as the decision to do that every chance you get. Or, it can be more specific. You can choose to eliminate one unhealthy thing from your diet each and every day for consistent change (refer to #1). Substitute the sugar in your coffee with a low-cal or no-cal sweetener (just choose one that is healthy and not going to cause other health issues). Choose water over other sugary drinks. Snack on vegetables and fruits over chips and crackers. Add a fish or a vegetarian dish to your weekly meal rotation. There are so many simple and effective ways to choose a healthier diet. Review your options and choose the one that best fits into your fit and fabulous plan.

5. Accept help and find inspiration.Fitness Apps

Help can come in many forms, so when it presents itself don't overlook it. Whether you partner up with a friend for workouts, use your Apple watch or Fitbit to help you monitor your progress and track your goals, or use a fitness app like MyFitnessPal, or your favorite music app like Spotify or Pandora. These are all tools to use to help you achieve success. 

If you find that you need more help, don't be afraid to check out what your workplace has to offer in the form of health incentives. Many companies assist their employees by offering free ways to earn health dollars or have free resources for the taking, from health coaches to diet and activity plans to articles and online resources for you to use. 

Find healthy inspiration (or even Pinspiration) by reading motivating articles, following health-related blogs and exploring what's out there that you can use to garner personal motivation to help move you toward your goals. In the age of the internet, information abounds and you'll find that there are some wonderful and free resources available to you 24/7. 

By following these simple steps and staying consistent, you can quickly and easily achieve fit and fabulous change as the spring and summer season roll in. Just by reading this article means that you're already on your way to healthier, happier lifestyle. Now the next step is action!


What one change will you commit to right now toward the goal of a healthier lifestyle and a happier you?

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