Go Stand Up Paddleboarding on Outer Banks Vacations

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Stand up paddleboarding, or SUP, is a great way for you to enjoy spending time on the water during your Outer Banks vacations!

SUP History

SUP started in Hawaii when paddleboards were used to teach people how to surf. They have been used when the surf was flat, and they have also been used for exercise.

SUP was introduced in California in 2000, and it is now gaining popularity in Florida. Many people throughout the Outer Banks are enjoying stand up paddleboarding now as well. Learn about a new sport on your Outer Banks vacations, and try SUP!

SUP is a sport that is used on surface water, such as on the sound, flat surf, lakes, and rivers. A person will stand on the paddleboard and move by using a paddle. It is a great watersport to try while on your Outer Banks vacations.

SUP Equipment

If you are interested in trying SUP on your Outer Banks vacations, stop by a local surf shop.

A stand up paddleboard comes in a variety of widths, lengths, and thicknesses. Your height and weight can help determine the right paddleboard for you to use. A wide board is more stable. The length of the board also varies. A longer board goes faster in a straight direction, while the shorter board can go faster while turning.

There are also different varieties of paddles. When you are using the paddle with the paddleboard, it should be 6 to 10 inches taller than the paddler. The long side of the paddle is appropriate for flatter water, while the short side is appropriate for surf conditions.

Other equipment for SUP includes a personal flotation device, the right type of clothing, and protection from the sun. A leash is necessary as well while stand up paddleboarding. A leash is used for safety, and it is placed around your ankle or calf. A traction pad is also important, and it is usually already on the paddleboard. It acts as a grip and a cushion. While on your Outer Banks vacations, stop by one of our many great surf shops and learn about SUP equipment that you can rent for Outer Banks vacations. 

SUP Tips

There are various tips to follow while you are stand up paddleboarding on your Outer Banks vacations.

  • If you are beginning to learn SUP, you should probably begin the experience on a calm body of water like the sound. You will likely understand the techniques quicker while you develop balance.
  • To make sure you are moving forward and in a straight line, switch the sides in which you are using the paddle.
  • Beginners may prefer to use longer paddleboards first because they will provide more balance. Once you achieve balance techniques on the longer board, you can move to a small board that is used by more experienced stand up paddleboarders.
  • Reach forward as you are paddling. More muscles will be working as you increase the distance you reach forward.
  • The top hand should be near eye level as you are stand up paddleboarding.

SUP Benefits

Stand up paddleboarding gives you the ability to have a higher view of the waves. This allows you to understand the water conditions better.

Another advantage of stand up paddleboarding is that it provides many health benefits. It is exercise for the core as well as for the rest of the body. For example, SUP helps you decrease your blood pressure and improve your cholesterol level. While stand up paddleboarding, you are using many muscle groups, including the hips for stability and the abs to stay balanced and to provide support for your back. Try SUP on your Outer Banks vacations and see the numerous benefits that it can offer.

We hope you enjoy stand up paddleboarding while on your Outer Banks vacations! For more information about activities for your Outer Banks vacations, call Elan Vacations at 252-491-8787.

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