Estuarine Nature Walk in Corolla

<br /> Estuarine Nature Walk in CorollaLocated in the 4WD area of Currituck County lies two miles of wildlife preserve for hiking and beach activities. Only accessible by foot or four wheel drive vehicles, this unique habitat is recognized and protected by the NC Coastal Preswerve Program. At just under 1,000 acres the site is made up of shrub thickets, inter-tidal dunes and flats, maritime forests and brackishadna freshwater marshes. It is an important breeding ground for freshwater fish and a stopover for migrating waterfowl. Enjoy a nice walk along the 1/3 mile long boardwalk into the reserve or for the more adventurous visitors there is a 1 ½ mile trail that veers off the boardwalk. The reserve was described in the Boston Globe as being among the coast's most beautiful nature preserves; the review noted that the reserve and surrounding area is nearly empty of people during the off-season.

<br /> Estuarine Nature Walk in Corolla-2

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