Don't Miss the 2014 Hang Gliding Spectacular!

Outer Banks hang glidingKitty Hawk Kites will hold the annual Hang Gliding Spectacular on May 16-20, 2014. The "Spectacular" has been an annual event for over 30 years and has become an Outer Banks tradition.

The first hang gliding school was created in 1974, by Kitty Hawk Kites President, John Harris. Since the birth of hang gliding on the Outer Banks, thousands have taken flight off of the local sand dunes. Due to a special agreement with Jockey’s Ridge State Park, hang gliding lessons continue today on the Nags Head staple. Throughout the years, hang gliding and flight innovation has occurred on the sand dunes including Francis Rogallo, the creator of the flexible wing. Research and development occurs often on the dunes with hang glider companies and the dune pilots from Kitty Hawk Kites.

The Hang Gliding Spectacular brings together professional hang gliders from all over the world for a four day event that pays homage to the gift of flight. The Spectacular is comprised of two types of events: Dune Competition and Aerial Tow. Competitions are held to test the pilots’ ability to maneuver and glide in sometimes unpredictable conditions. Kitty Hawk Kites provides expert judges to critique and determine winners of each dune competition and the aerial tow that takes place on the last day of the event at Currituck Airport. Whether an accuracy target test or a longest glide competition, the pilots are sure to delight all viewers.

Although the competition should be left to the pros, watching the tactical ability of the pilots is a great way to spend your day and learn from the hang gliding community. Beginner dune hang gliding lessons still occur during the competition, so you could take a lesson right next to the pros competing. Each beginner dune hang gliding lesson is about 3 hours, with 45 minutes of safety and tactics training. You will then head out onto the dune and test your ability to fly! Don’t worry; you will have expert instructors there to help you through every step in the process. Luckily, the sand dunes are very forgiving to those who may have a misstep. Although the dunes are tall enough to gain flight, you won’t have to worry about taking the glider back up the dune; your always helpful instructor will carry it back up the dune for you!

Be sure to bring water, sunscreen, and wear comfortable clothing so you can enjoy your day of flying and watching the Spectacular. For more information on the Hang Gliding Spectacular visit for full details of the event. To book your Beginner Dune Hang Gliding Lesson, call 1-877-FLYTHIS1-877-FLYTHIS or visit

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