Corolla Schoolhouse

Corolla SchoolhouseWhile the exact date of construction is unknown, documents point to the school being around as early as 1890. This one room schoolhouse was in session until 1958 when it was closed down due to lack of attendance. The schoolhouse has since been restored by the Twiddy family in 1999 and was used as an interactive educational exhibit for the Corolla Wild Horses. In 2012, the school opened back up again as a multi-age charter school. The Twiddy’s have an article on their website that goes into great detail about the Corolla Schoolhouse and its renovations. It speaks of varied timbers being found in the floor system that most likely came from shipwrecks. It also speaks of items that were found during the renovation process: "During the restoration, workers found an old Valentine, a Daily Reader, pencil nubs, schoolwork dated 1906, a library book overdue since 1927 and a seven-for-one-cent candy wrapper from under the floorboards and behind the walls. From the belfry, restorers found a century-old collection of stones that had been thrown in an attempt to clang the bell.” Click here to read the full article.

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