Corolla Chapel

Corolla ChapelCorolla Chapel is one of Corolla's most-treasured historic buildings tucked away behind the Currituck Beach Lighthouse sound side of old Corolla Village. It is one of the quaintest and charming churches you will ever see. It was built in 1885 by two carpenters. It was one room with seating capacity for about 100. Due to the remote location, it was difficult to get pastors to preach each Sunday. Eventually pastors stopped coming by but the church was still used for Sunday school. It was listed to be sold on a tax sale as abandoned property in 1962. John W. Austin protested and was given the deed to the property with the stipulation that he had to pay taxes as long as there was no schedule of services. The chapel eventually fell in to disuse. In the early 1980’s a variety of groups came to minister at the chapel for a few weeks each summer, but none of them stayed until Pastor John Strauss and his wife Ruth came to live on the Outer Banks in 1988. The attendance grew and in 1992 they added a vestibule, restroom and porch. Plans were drawn to increase the size of the little chapel to accommodate the area’s growth and make room for the growing number of vacationers attracted to the Corolla area. In 2001, the congregation purchasaed a lot across the street from the original church. A new structure was built and then in 2002 the original church was moved and affixed to the new structure. The century-old chapel still has its original interior walls and ceilings and is furnished with many of the original items including its pews, pedal organ, pulpit and pulpit chairs. The best way to see the Corolla Chapel is to attend a service there. Interdenominational services are held year-round. It is also a popular destination for weddings.

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