Best Quick Eats on Hatteras Island

hatteras-island-foodYou’ve made it to the beach and you’re probably going to be hungry if you’re not already. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite spots on this stretch of sand where you can pop in for a quick eat during your Outer Banks vacation. These spots on Hatteras Island are definitely worth checking out during the day whether you’re driving in from out of town, looking for a quick break from the sun, or want to enjoy a quick adventure from your Hatteras vacation rental. Grabbing a quick bite to go can also mean a hassle-free sunset picnic on the beach, just be sure to pick up your trash when you’re finished!
Hatterasman Drive In: It’s location makes it hard to miss, which is good because you definitely shouldn’t! Burgers, onion rings, fries, fish sandwiches, cheap beer, Hatterasman is the beach’s version of a diner. Perfect for a break from the mid-day heat or day on the beach, this local spot is a must stop while you’re in town and has consistently great reviews from patrons.

Buxton Munch:Burgers, gourmet wraps, mongo subs, quesadillas, crab patties, smoothies, fish tacos, the list of quick eats goes on and on at the Buxton Munch. Swing in and grab a beer or a glass of wine and enjoy indoor or outdoor seating. Their sought-after fish tacos come with homemade salsa and tortillas so you can build your own perfect meal. This is a healthy and quick eat place packed with flavor.

Franks OBX Dog House: Chili dog. Cheese dog. Chili cheese dog. Whatever style you’re craving, if it’s a hot dog you’re after, this quick spot has what you’re looking for. The order-up window makes everything simple and it’s operated by some friendly and charming people that make guests feel welcome. Right on the main drag, there’s even a picnic area to enjoy your food and the summer sun.

Risky Business:Several decades old, Risky Business is primarily a seafood market that supports mainly the local fishing industry. While you can pick up the catch of the day to prepare later, they also have a few take-out plates to order. Crab cakes, tunas, seasonal catches, and spicy shrimp, if you’re looking for a place to stop for a bite where you can also shop for dinner, they have some of the best fresh and local seafood available.

Orange Blossom Bakery and Café: Located in Buxton, this island institution has been around for decades. Although the operation has changed owners a few times over the years, much of the knowledge was passed on. Their signature item, the "Apple Ugly”, is a fritter made out of leftover donut dough and apples. If you’re looking for a quick morning stop on your way to the beach or out for a day exploring, the bakery is a must for breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and obviously baked goods.

Bros Sandwich Shack: As the name suggests, this sandwich spot is owned by two brothers who graduated from culinary school a few years ago and fell in love with the beach. Their website offers the ability to order online for pick up and their menu is split between gourmet burgers and creative sandwiches that will leave you wanting more.

Frisco Sandwich Company: Located on the south side of the island across the street from the beach, this quick stop offers wraps, sandwiches, paninis, soups and has a signature fried and spicy whole pickle. Indoor and outdoor seating is available, and they suggest to call ahead if you’re in a hurry. A perfect pit stop or place to grab some grub and head back to the beach!

Maximize your time in the sun and know before you go. Many of these restaurants and more are just off the main drag and in walking distance to beach access points on the island. Getting in a little before lunch-time or a little after will help avoid the long summer lines.

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