All You Need to Know About Outer Banks Seafood

All You Need to Know About Outer Banks Seafood

It wouldn't be an Outer Banks beach vacation without some fresh, delicious and locally caught seafood. Do you know where to go to find it during your stay on the OBX? Let us help! We've rounded up the best places to go for seafood, plus ways to prepare it yourself right in your Outer Banks rental. Read on, seafood lovers.


Seafood Availability ChartWhat's in Season

The first step in guaranteeing you have the best Outer Banks seafood experience is to familiarize yourself with what's in season during your visit. Each season has it star seafood, so no matter when you are here you're sure to find palate-pleasing options for the seafood lovers among you.
Take a look at these Outer Banks Seafood Seasonality charts and see which of your favorite fish and seafood are in their prime and when. Or you can just get to know what your fresh local options are during the time of your upcoming OBX vacation.


While you're there, read up on the tips for selecting the best Outer Banks seafood and what you should look for when it comes to quality and freshness. This guarantees that you get the most satisfying and memorable seafood experience and taste of the local flavor.



Favorite Outer Banks Seafood Restaurants

It doesn't matter where you stay on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, you're always close and convenient to some fabulous restaurants that serve up mouthwatering boat-to-table seafood. Many of the Outer Banks towns originated primarily as fishing villages, so they have a long history of knowing all about the ocean's bounty and how to best enjoy it.

OBX dining establishments and local chefs are experts at preparing seafood dishes that will make your tastebuds dance with delight and know just how to pair them with the other fresh coastal ingredients available for optimum flavor. You can peruse our favorite Outer Banks restaurants here. Just click on the OBX town to explore your dining options and find out what's nearby your OBX vacation rental.


Where to Buy Fresh OBX SeafoodFresh Seafood

If you want to select your own seafood to bring back to your rental to prepare yourself, then pay a visit to the Outer Banks fish and seafood markets.

You'll see that there's a nice selection of local shopping options to find just what you need to whip up a fabulous meal right in the comfort and convenience of your vacation rental kitchen.

If you need some tips on selecting the freshest seafood, be sure to refer to the seasonality charts mentioned above. 


How to Prepare Seafood in Your Outer Banks Vacation Rental

Speaking of preparing your own seafood, Elan Vacation's Taste of the OBX blog posts feature seafood recipes, cooking tips, entertaining ideas and more to make your meal planning, prep and execution easy. Just follow the link or check out the menu to the right of this blog and select the Taste of the OBX category. 
Did you follow Elan Vacations on Pinterest? You should! We have everything right there for you including our OBX Food board that highlights the best food on the Outer Banks, plus all kinds of cooking Pinspiration. Check it out!

Seafood Dish

Best OBX Seafood Festivals & Events

Last but not least, don't forget to find time to attend the Outer Banks seafood festival and other foodcentric events during your OBX vacation. 

Here are a few of our annual favorites. Take note of them for next year's vacation planning. They're worth planning around, for sure. 

Have you been to any of these yet? If so, do you have a favorite?

OBX Taste of the Beach: Held annually in March, the OBX Taste of the Beach is 4 days of food, drink and fun for everyone. Whether you're a casual chef or full-on foodie, you'll revel in the culinary opportunities, activities and scrumptious fare of many of the Outer Banks restaurants all in one weekend. Enjoy wine tastings, cooking classes, special multi-course menu presentations, brewery tours, tapas crawls, cook-offs and more.

Outer Banks Seafood Festival: Held every year in October and voted Best Annual OBX Event two years in a row, the Outer Banks Seafood Festival in Nags Head, NC is a popular favorite with locals and visitors alike. The Outer Banks is known for its seafood. But before the seafood can be served, it has to be brought to market. For generations, hard working families on the Outer Banks have been doing just that, giving their all to bring fresh, local seafood to your table. This fall, celebrate their efforts and our long-standing fishing heritage. The festival showcases a variety of tasty seafood creations prepared by some of the Outer Banks’ best restaurants. There’s also entertainment throughout the event with music, cooking demonstrations, friendly competitions, and all manner of family fun—all relating to seafood. 

Outer Banks Restaurant Week: Outer Banks Restaurant Week happens every spring and fall season on the OBX. It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy exceptional fare at fabulous value prices. OBX Restaurant Week gives local food enthusiasts and visitors an opportunity to enjoy 3-course lunch or dinner menus at participating restaurants at a fixed price. So much value and so many great restaurants to choose from, be sure not to miss it! The event was created because everyone we know loves the Outer Banks—and loves to eat! No pretense or snobbery here. It’s all about local chefs serving up delicious cuisine in some of the area’s best venues.


So is your mouthwatering for some Outer Banks seafood? Then there's no time like the present to start planning your next OBX beach vacation.



Where do you go for the best Outer Banks seafood? We want to know!

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