5 Reasons to Visit the Outer Banks in the Fall

fall on the outer banks

While the summer season is all hustle and bustle around the Outer Banks, the fall seems to slow down the pace a little bit. With local celebrations popping up in abundance, the fall is a great time to visit the Outer Banks to get a true taste of island life. Once Labor Day weekend rolls around and most schools are back in session, visiting families have gone back home, leaving the OBX a little quieter…and some visitors might prefer it that way! The following are 5 great reasons to visit the OBX in the fall:

1.Prices: During the summer months the prices of accommodations are at their peak, but as demand goes down, so do the prices. Take advantage of these lowered costs and book an Outer Banks vacation in the fall to save a little money.

2. Fall Festivals: When the tourists are away, the locals come out to play…but still welcome tourists any day of the year. This is why the fall is a great time to visit the Outer Banks. Visitors are able to get a taste of authentic Outer Banks culture, as it is meant to be experienced. From the Bluegrass Festival on Roanoke Island to The Seafood Festival in Nags Head, the fall is a great time to get festive at the beach.

3. The Weather: As the steamy hot days of summer have gone, the Outer Banks still sports a warm climate that usually supports bathing suits through Halloween, but the nights get chilly, so they’re perfect for a cozy sweater and a snuggle under a warm comforter and a blanket of stars.

4. Less Crowded: During the peak season, some restaurants sport more than an hour wait at any given time, but when less visitors are on the island, you can more than likely walk right in and be seated immediately at any place on the beach. This also goes for parking. Driving around trying to find a parking spot at the beach during the summer can be a great cause of frustration. During the fall, however, there are more spots for the car and more spots for you to relax, uninterrupted, along the shore.

5. Pet Friendly: After mid-September many of the restrictions on having pets on the beaches are lifted on the Outer Banks. Leash laws differ from town to town, but overall, dogs are allowed on the beaches at any time of day, not only in the morning and evenings, like in the summer season for most towns. Many vacation rentals are pet friendly, too.

Needless to say, the fall is a great time to take an Outer Banks vacation! Grab a sweater, your puppy dog and some dancing shoes and come celebrate life with the locals on the OBX. 

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