5 Reasons to Consider OBX Rentals with Sunday Check-Ins

When it comes to planning your next Outer Banks vacation, you may want to strongly think about checking in on Sunday. Rentals usually require a Friday, Saturday or Sunday check-in, depending on the home owner.  

We are always amazed at how many guests choose to hit the Outer Banks on Saturday for their vacations. It seems to be a mind-set that sticks with everyone. But checking in on Sunday is a great idea as it has its own set of advantages that most vacationers do not realize. Following are the top reasons to consider OBX rentals with Sunday arrivals.

traffic congestion
  1. Not As Much Traffic. There is simply not as much traffic arriving on the OBX if you wait until Sunday. Because everyone is excited to begin their vacations and get to their OBX rentals, traffic begins to get slow and congested. 
  2. Day-Trippers Have Usually Come and Gone. The Outer Banks is always more crowded on Saturdays mostly because people from the mainland head over the bridge to spend the day on the beach. By waiting until Sunday to arrive for vacation, guests can avoid the day-trippers who have usually come and gone by Sunday afternoon.
  3. Early Check-In May Be Possible. During heavy vacation seasons, early check-in is hard to accomplish, but early check-in may be possible on Sundays. There are typically not as many turn-overs (when one group checks out and another checks in) so housekeeping gets the rentals cleaned and put back together earlier in the day. Early check-in is standard when possible and gives guests the opportunity to arrive as soon as 1pm. 
  4. Get an Extra Day to Prepare and Pack for Vacation. Preparing for vacation is time consuming and oh, so stressful. Add these issues to the fact that most people wait until Friday after work to actually start the process and it is a recipe for disaster…or at least a couple of quick squabbles at home. By renting Sunday check-in OBX rentals, vacationers have all day Saturday to prepare, pack, and get a good night's sleep before travelling, not to mention remembering to pack the beach toys, golf clubs, and whatever else that tends to be forgotten. 
  5. Leaving the Following Sunday is Easier. Ever notice the long line of cars heading off the Outer Banks on Saturday mornings? That is the result of so many Saturday to Saturday guests leaving at the same time.  Most guests have long drives (even North Carolina residents have up to six or seven-hour drives) and with a mass Saturday morning exodus, the long drive is extended by another hour or two hours. On Sundays, while there are some guests leaving, the drive off the island takes much less time.

Think Ahead and Plan

When planning your next OBX vacation, think ahead and plan to check-in on Sunday. By looking at the big picture, it makes sense and even gets the vacation off on the right foot. 

We have a large number of Sunday check-in vacation rentals from which to choose and as a 2012 Best of the Beach winner, we do everything in our power to make your vacation a memorable one.  Let us help you plan your next vacation on the Outer Banks. Call us with any questions or to make reservations at 866-760-ELAN (3526). We are waiting for you!

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