4 Great Surf Spots on the Outer Banks

surfingFor watersports lovers, the Outer Banks is pure utopia! Whether it's kayaking, kiteboarding, stand up paddle boarding, or scuba diving, the great barrier islands have you covered. For all of you surfers out there, you probably already know that the area abounds with unique surf opportunities, but just in case you didn't, the following are 4 of the best Outer Banks surfing spots:


One of the most revered surf breaks on the East Coast, the S-Turns can be found on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, just north of Rodanthe, where N.C. 12 juts in an s-curve just before a large group of houses. This is where you'll find many surfers taking advantage of the unique conditions. This surfing honey hole is extremely crowded during the summer, but well worth the wrangle.


Also known as the "Old Station," located at milepost 2 in Kitty Hawk, the Laundromats (as the locals call it) is an area known for its consistent waves. This area is especially thunderous after a good storm. The rough waves of this local favorite break close to the shore, possibly lending to its name, after sending surfers to the wash. 

Jennette's Pier

This famous pier in Nags Head is one of the Outer Banks' oldest surfing favorites, as Nags Head vacationers and locals alike have been paddling out here since the 1940s. As with any pier, the friction created by the water against the pilings produce better wave conditions.

Old Lighthouse Jetties

Where the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse used to stand, before it was moved further inland in 1999, is a surfing hot spot. The jetties, which were built to protect the lighthouse in the place that it used to stand, are still in place and provide outstanding water conditions for surfing. Beware of the rocky jetties, however, as this would be a dangerous spot for beginning surfers to attempt.

Waves come and go, that is what they do. Check the local surfing reports before you head out or drive up and down the beach road until you see something that catches your eye. No matter how you choose to find your perfect wave, or where you decide to go, your Outer Banks vacation will not disappoint. Because even if you don't catch your dream wave, the time in the water on the beautiful Outer Banks is no time wasted, that is for sure. 

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