3 Really Good Reasons You Should Go Fly A Kite on the OBX


The Outer Banks of North Carolina never disappoints when it comes to outdoor activities, watersports galore, and unending fun in the sun. Did you know that it's also a really amazing kite-flying destination? It is! With sweeping wide-open coastal landscapes and steady winds, you're guaranteed to have a high-flying good time.

So.... go fly a kite! Here are three really good reasons why you should during your time on the OBX. 

1. Ideal kiting conditions are a breeze on the OBX.

As is evidenced by the many kite-flying activities and events (see #3) , there are pretty sweet conditions when it comes time to fly a kite on the Outer Banks. Those same consistent winds that brought the Wright Brothers here are the same winds that will set you and your kite into fantastic flight. 

Obviously wind is the most important factor necessary for a good day of kite flying. Ideally, anything less than 20mph are considered good flying conditions. Anything higher than that and you're going to get a workout. Anything under 6mph winds requires specialized kites designed for light winds. 

Another consideration along with the wind speed is the accessibility. You want wide open terrain and lots of it. You don't want anything blocking your wind and you don't want too many obstacles to manage along your flight path. 


2. Excellent kiting locations can be found all along the Outer Banks. 

You can find a host of places to let your kite soar along our shorelines and in our towns. From parks to beaches, you can explore what each of our towns have to offer. 

Where are the best places to fly a kite on the OBX?

Jockey's Ridge State Park 

Well, we happen to think Jockey's Ridge State Park is numero uno. If it's good enough for some of the best hang gliding in the country, it's good enough for your kite! It makes sense the East Coast's largest natural sand dune would be the go-to place for some kite-flying action. You're high enough that there's nothing to block the wind and the views are absolutely spectacular. As an additional bonus, Kitty Hawk Kites is right across the road. You're conveniently located to a locally loved and well stocked kite store right across the sand.

Whalehead Club in Corolla

The Whalehead Club in Corolla is a great northern location option featuring expansive grassy fields for your flying pleasure. Situated facing the southwest, you're in a good position to reap the benefits. The winds coming off from the Currituck Sound set the stage for fabulous flying. Not to mention the breathtaking sunset views over the sound. 

The Beaches of the OBX

Depending on the time of year and the busyness of the beach, you can get some good kite flying in. You certainly don't want to have to worry about stepping over people or tangling up your kite line on a crowded day at the beach. Off season times are best, when the wide open shoreline is yours.

The homes, vacation rentals, businesses and shops that line the Outer Banks beaches can provide a bit of barrier when combined with the southwest winds that occur during the summer months.  Single-line kites perform much better in these conditions than do stunt kites. As the breeze comes over the structures, it can form a wind shadow, which leads to turbulent air in places. If the kite can rise above the turbulence, it will fly beautifully.

Depending on the time of year, the wind speed and the wind direction, you'll have what you need for your beach flying adventure. Just check your conditions first.



3. Awesome kiting events are found year round on the Outer Banks.

You can go fly a kite or watch someone else do it. Either way, you'll be highly entertained as the kites dance in the blue skies above you. There are plenty of opportunities to join in the festivities. Come to one or come to them all if you can.

Annual Wright Kite Festival

The Annual Wright Kite Festival takes flight where flight first began with Kitty Hawk Kites and the Wright Brothers National Memorial. Held each year during the month of July, large 30 to 100-foot kites are flying high on display for your viewing pleasure. Come and fly kites of your own, take free stunt and power kite flying lessons, and bring the kiddos on over to the kite making station for a hands-on experience. Admission to the park is $7, but participation in the kite festival is totally free!

Annual Outer Banks Stunt Kite Competition

The Annual Outer Banks Stunt Kite Competition is held each October in Nags Head and offers free admission during this regional event that showcases world-class stunt kiting skills. Competition categories include precision, choreography, and dual team and feature some of the top kite fliers in the nation. The kite competition is held on Saturday and Sunday morning with free kite demos available on both days.

Kites with Lights

Celebrate the holiday season with Kitty Hawk Kites. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, visit Santa and stick around for an amazing light display. Kites with Lights showcases multiple 19-foot kites flying high over Jockey's Ridge sand as the dune is decked out in holiday lights. Stay warm with cocoa and cookies and enjoy other festive activities all touched with high-flying flair. You're in good company with the Jockey's Ridge Crossing crew. It's another free family-family event on the OBX!

Kids Day at Kitty Hawk Kites

Kids Day at Kitty Hawk Kites is a free event held every Tuesday and Wednesday during the summer season in various locations throughout the Outer Banks. The weekly Kitty Hawk Kites Kids Days on the Outer Banks offer a fun-filled variety of games, kite making, creative activities, toy and yo-yo demonstrations and many more surprises! Kids Days are the perfect family escape for locals and visitors alike. Kitty Hawk Kites makes for the ideal first stop on any kiting adventure. Check them out!


Have you had a kite flying adventure on the OBX? Where's your favorite place to go fly a kite on the Outer Banks?

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