2017 Beach Beauty Trends You Need to Know About

2017 Beach Beauty Trends You Need to Know About

We've been pouring over the latest beauty and hair trends for 2017 spring and summer season from the runway to the every day, and we couldn't help but notice how so many of this year's beauty trends are going to pair perfectly with your summer beach days. These hot hair and beauty trends lend themselves to a more unfinished, natural beauty that fits right in with beach life and beach style. These trends can also be easily transformed to work well during your days on the beach and then glammed up for your nights out on the town in minutes. 

Check out these 2017 trends in hair and makeup to see what looks best suit you. You'll find that a lot of the current trends are versatile and easy to do. We love that! 
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2017 Makeup and Beauty Trends 

2017 Makeup and Beauty Trends

Bronzed, dewy skin: This is an easy look to achieve and maintain while you're at the beach and one that you'll be happy to back home with you. Bronzed, dewy, flawless skin is the end goal. Protect your skin from the harsh sun with sunscreen, but don't be afraid to let it have a sun-kissed glow. While Vitamin D is good for you, you don't want to overdo it. A fresh, clean face is hot this year so go ahead and take the help of some really good tinted moisturizer or amp up your own naturally bronzed skin with quality products that bring out the inner glow and elevate the outside one, too.

Makeup Trends
The no-makeup makeup look: Well, this makes perfect sense at the beach. You don't actually have to go makeup free, you just want to look like you did. The no-makeup makeup look combines glowing skin (see above), natural brows that are youthful and bold but still tamed enough to be complimentary to your eyes, and minimal eye makeup. This is a great daytime look that can be easily made into an evening look with the addition of striking red lipstick. It's always a classic and in this case, trendy this year too. 
Glossed eyelids and cheekbones: To accompany that natural, fresh faced look you can give your face an extra sheen with glossing on your eyelids and on your cheekbones. It's a quick way to add an enhanced glow of goddess proportions to your face. If you're heading out on the town, this is a touch of glamour that will make all the difference. 

 Sparkle Eyeshadow
Bold brows: Bold brows aren't going anywhere this year! They are still very much a hot item on the fashion scene. Give your tweezers a break and ease up on your eyebrow waxing appointments this year. Apparently you won't need them so often. Brushed up brows just manicured enough to accent your best facial features is all you need to achieve this year's youthful, bold brow craze. 

Sparkle and shine on lids and lips: Sparkly, shimmery metallics on the eyes and even on the lips are a big trend this spring and summer. Glitter has been showing up on eyelids in the most interesting ways, too. But if that's not your thing, then stick to the pearly, glowing eyeshadows that give your eyes a noticeable sparkle and shine. Think mermaid eyes!
Bold Blush: To compliment the au-naturel look, a bold sweep of pink or peach blush on the cheekbones and eyes is a quick and easy way to look fresh-faced and give yourself that youthful flush. This is a beautiful way to brighten up your look and give a touch of polish and finish to your face. 


2017 Hair Trends 

2017 Hair Trends


High Ponytails: The return of the high ponytail is welcomed, especially if you're spending your days at the beach and want the hair away from your neck and back. Let them be loose or even messily twirled into a high bun, and you're right in style this year. 
Half Up, Half Down: Half up, half down hair is back and it's big in 2017. Whether it's pulled halfway back and knotted in a bun or left long and loose in a ponytail, you'll want to experiment with a few of the many options. 

Hairstyle Trend

Surf Girl Blonde or Bronde: Beachy blonde hair is trending this year as is a modern, more subdued "bronde" color which is a color somewhere between brown and blonde. Emulating that surf-girl look in both hair color and hairstyle is what we're seeing a lot of in 

Extra Long Hair: XXL hair is hot! We're talking really long locks. Whether they're naturally you're own or you're getting some help from extensions, you'll be seeing more down-to-there hair everywhere.  

Micro Braids and Mini Plaits: Braids are not going anywhere. This year's braided styles are smaller but still very much a big hair trend. From micro braids and mini plaits strategically places in hair, you're sure to see these interlocking accents on the beach, on the streets and on the runways. 

Loose Hair, Natural Texture: Staying true to your hair's own natural tendencies and boosting them up a level is in this year. It's not forced or dramatically changed but simply chic and effortless. Loose, flowing locks reminiscent of bohemian beauty is what you're looking for. Pump up the volume with sea salt spray or just leave a little of that salt water in your hair after an ocean swim and let it be. Texturizer is also a good way to amp up fullness and let your hair be wild and free. Big hair, don't care! 

Scrunched Beachy Waves: Take that loose, wavy hair a step further by scrunching it up with mousse (yes we said scrunch and mousse, just like back in the 80s...) and go for the wet, curly and somewhat crunchier look. Again, take a hint from the surfer girls for the out-of-the-ocean look for your hair—if you dare. 


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So what do you think? Which of these 2017 beauty and hair trends are hot and which are not? Will you be trying out any of these trends during spring break or your summer beach vacation?
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