10 Unique Things That Make the OBX A Special Place

A great vacation destination has several things. First, there is the location, that combination of beauty, convenience, and variety. Then there are the attractions and activities available to the visitors. Finally, there is the unknown, the thing that is hard to describe. Maybe we can call it the "uniqueness" factor. One thing we know for sure is that the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a great location, easy to get to, and features loads of events and activities for all tastes and ages. But what we have most of all is that unknown thing, the "uniqueness" you crave in a great vacation destination. This week we share ten of the things that make the OBX unique and special. Here we go. 

1. Some visitors never leave.

Roanoke Island, the location of present-day Manteo, was the home of the first English Settlement in the new world. Today the settlement is known as the "Lost Colony," and historians are still trying to discover what exactly happened to these first visitors to the OBX. One thing is for sure, they and others never left. Who could blame them? 

2. We don't swim with dolphins. 

We share the beach with wild horses.We're not knocking swimming with dolphins but we think sunbathing with wild Spanish Mustangs is a little more unique. Located in Corolla, the Outer Banks wild mustang herd can trace their origins back to the Spanish explorers who visited the Outer Banks in the 1500's.

3. Sometimes visitors take to the sky.

What do you do with steady calm winds, miles of sand dunes, and all the privacy you could ask for? You become the first men to fly! Many visitors discover for the first time that the Wright Brothers took their first flight right here on the Outer Banks. Check out our previous post: 10 Fun Facts About The Wright Brothers Flight On The Outer Banks.

4. Our neighbor is a graveyard. 

Ok, that sounded a little creepy, but visitors are often blown away when they discover the stretch of Atlantic Ocean along the Outer Banks, and most of the Outer Banks is called the "Graveyard of the Atlantic." which is home to over 600 sunken vessels. 

5. You might find a treasure.

One could argue you already found a treasure the moment you booked your Outer Banks beach vacation. However, it's true that there is lost treasure on the OBX. We don't want to spoil all the fun as you suddenly start Googling new metal detectors, but let's just say in 1715 a lot of Spanish silver was likely buried here. Apparently 18th-century ships laden with silver were no match for an Atlantic hurricane. Read more about this lost treasure by clicking here. 

6. Our dunes are bigger than yours.

We're not trying to brag, but sometimes it is hard being humble here on the Outer Banks and having Jockey's Ridge. It is a 425-acre playground of sand dunes. You'll find people flying stunt kites, learning to hang glide, and just enjoying the view. What you may not know is the dunes are the highest dunes on the East Coast. 

7. We have sunsets and sunrises on the water.

Because of the Pamlico, Roanoke, and Albemarle sounds, you can watch the sunrise in the east over the Atlantic and then, depending on where you are on the Outer Banks, you can see the sunset over the waters of one of the three sounds. It's a rare and beautiful phenomenon that is Instagram ready. 

8. Some of our best friends are pirates.

It's true. The Outer Banks of North Carolina was once the romping grounds of the notorious pirate, Black Beard, who had several misadventures along the waters of the OBX. There's just something so friendly about the OBX that even pirates found our waters irresistible. Today the only pirates we see are East Carolina University fans. We're sure you'll feel the same way. 

9. We love our lighthouses.

 If you love lighthouses, then you are going to be in heaven here on the OBX. From Corolla to Ocracoke there are several vital and beautifully preserved lighthouses. Many of these lighthouses have been here for well over a hundred years. You'll love exploring these beautiful places with family and friends. All can be enjoyed for free! Take some time to discover these treasures.

10.  You might find love.

 Hey, it worked for New York Times Best Selling Author Nicholas Sparks' characters in his wildly popular book titled Nights in Rodanthe. Later popularized in the movie by the same title, Mr. Sparks knows a great setting when he sees one. The OBX is a place where hearts connect, families make memories, and when you leave, you'll always take a piece of the OBX home with you.

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