10 Reasons Kiters Should Vacation on Hatteras Island

Kiteboarding is a sport that has become increasingly popular on the Outer Banks over the last decade, and for good reason. The environment on our island can be absolutely electric when the conditions are right. Strong winds, perfect waves, and a great crew of locals make Hatteras Island a kiteboarder’s dream. In case you need more convincing, discussed below are the top 10 reasons any kiteboarder should vacation on Hatteras Island.


Hatteras Island has grown into an international kiteboarding mecca in large part because of the consistently strong winds that blow across the Pamlico Sound and Atlantic Ocean. Nor’easters can bring days upon days of strong northeast winds to Hatteras Island while the afternoon southwest winds of the summer months also make for ideal kiteboarding conditions.


For those kiteboarders who are advanced enough to become "kitesurfers,” Rodanthe offers waves that will challenge even the most advanced kiter. Strong winds, low pressure systems, and off shore tropical storms can produce quality swells that can last for days on end. After spending a few days getting back into the swing of things on the sound side, test your skills in the ocean!


Hatteras Island’s sound side is the perfect place for kiteboarders to ride all day long. Miles and miles of shallow water tucked behind the land make for clean conditions that also offer a sense of security for those who might not feel comfortable kiting in deep water quite yet.

Setup Space

Many of the areas that offer kiteboarding access have large beaches that make equipment setup much easier than it might be in a tighter space. Obviously, the beaches have lots of space but it is the sound side accesses that separate themselves from other areas. Kiteboarding destinations in other parts of the world may offer shallow water, but not many other places offer the large, sandy sound side setup space that Hatteras Island does.


Nothing brings people together like being on the water. Kiteboarding has become quite popular on Hatteras Island, but other kiters around here won’t mind sharing their experience with you. The huge body of water surrounding the island creates a welcoming environment that enthusiasts from across the globe love to experience. You may very well visit the area with a one pal and leave with multiple friends that you will keep in touch with for the rest of your life.

Learn from the Best

Some of the very best kiteboarding professionals and instructors hang out in Rodanthe. Watch their approach to kiteboarding and learn from them. Many kiteboarders would be flattered by those asking them for tips, so don’t be shy! You may just be surprised at how fast your skills improve.

Check out a Competition

Our island plays host to many of the most prestigious kiteboarding contests in the world. If you are lucky enough to be in town for one of these events, make sure you check it out. Watching the professionals soar through the air while ripping the waters’ surface to shreds can be quite a spectacle.

Plentiful Access

One of the many wonderful things about the beaches and sound side areas around Hatteras Island is that they offer a variety of public accesses. Nothing can be more frustrating than finding the perfect kiting spot only to find that it is illegal to kite there. On Hatteras Island, you will be able to choose from a variety of accesses instead of being limited to only one or two locations.


Our area offers a rare blend of comfortable accommodations that are located in an environment that is very pure and undeveloped. Make sure to find yourself a Hatteras vacation rental so you have a great place to go back to after a long day on the water!

Natural Beauty

In addition to the strong winds and great waves available on Hatteras Island, the natural back drop you will get to enjoy while being pulled across the water is second to none. There is no better way to enjoy a famous Outer Banks sunset than while flying through the air!

If you are a kiteboarding enthusiast or simply someone who wants to learn the sport, booking a Rodanthe, NC vacation rental will take your love for the sport to the next level! Come see for yourself just why our island is becoming the ultimate kiteboarding destination.

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