10 Great Ways to Save Money on Your Beach Vacation

Save Money on Your Beach Vacation 
Everyone deserves a great OBX Beach Vacation. We all need time with the family, some distance from work and just a week or so to recharge. The beautiful sun drenched beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina is just the place to accomplish this. Like any big family expense, there are ways to find great savings during your OBX vacation. Often savings are found in the little things. Now we're not saying to be cheap, but let's take a look at 10 great ways to save money while still having an amazing OBX Vacation.

Book Direct With Elan Vacations

When you book directly with us you'll save money on travelers fees charged by third-party companies. Not only will you save up to 10% on your vacation rental when you book direct but you'll also receive the full Elan Vacation experience with great customer service, quick responding maintenance request and all the knowledge our dedicated local staff have to offer. So call us now or go online to book your Outer Banks Vacation rental today to take advantage of the booking direct cost savings.

Eat At HomeCooking at Home

Perhaps the biggest expense for many families is eating out. A family of four can easily spend almost a $100.00 per meal which gets expensive fast. Use this time to prepare some great dishes. Bring the whole family into the planning. Here on the OBX we have amazing local seafood so make sure to take advantage of this. Almost all of our vacation homes have grilles giving you even more options. Check out our previous post: How To Grill Perfect Seafood Every Time for helpful tips and tricks. 

Car Pool

One of the wonderful things about the OBX is how great it is for groups and multiple family vacations . Nothing is more fun than gathering up a group of friends and extended family, heading off to the Outer Banks for a week of adventure and fun. With loads of great homes that can accommodate large parties with multiple bedrooms, large kitchens and lots of bathrooms we're sure we have the perfect vacation home for your large group. Plus when you all get together you can take advantage of many amenities not offered in smaller homes, such as pools, theaters, and hot-tubs. it makes sense to try and pool resources by carpooling to the OBX saving money on gas and wear and tear that can instead be spent on family-fun activities. 

Look For the Free Events

The Outer Banks of NC stretches from Corolla to Ocracoke Island. In short, there is always something going on, on the OBX and many of the events are free and open to the public. From live music to fireworks, to cultural events there is something for every interest and passion.  Take advantage of these events and save money. Stay tuned to this blog as we have a summer events calendar with all of the hottest summer events, concerts, and festivals. 

Stick to A BudgetBudget

If you don't have a budget, well....you don't have a budget. As my father in law once said " I don't plan, that way nothing can ever go wrong." which is fun when working on an old truck but not so great for a vacation budget. Prior to leaving, or even better, right when you start planning your vacation take the time to put together a budget. Include activities, events, and eating out so you know what the big ticket items are. One great way to save for this is the old envelope plan. Take an envelope and label it with say "Eating Out" then figure what you are willing/able to spend on eating out. Start saving the cash in the envelope months ahead of time. That way you have the cash and it is already budgeted. Looking for some things to do? Read our previous post: Amazing Adventures You Have To Try On The OBX for some great ideas. 

Avoid Peak Times

Everywhere you go has a peak season or weeks that are just busier than others and hence more expensive. We want you and your family to have a wonderful time here on the OBX. So when booking with us, take the time to call our helpful and friendly staff and ask what weeks have the best prices. Obviously, the 4th of July and Memorial Day Weekend are very popular so look for the weeks that are less popular. Don't forget because of our beautiful weather early spring and even late fall are some of the best times of the year to visit the OBX. Hint: The water is really warm in late September.

Make A List Before You Go

Often the expenses that add up are the things you forget. You forget your bathing suit, there goes $40.00 out the window or you forget a blow dryer there is another $20.00 it just doesn't take long for the little things you forget to add up to an additional hundred dollars or more. So make sure to make a checklist before you leave. Have everyone in the family make one. Then double check it and pack to the checklist. This is to say bring out the checklist and pack each item as you go down the list. Don't pack and then use the checklist.

Bring Your Own food and Snacks

Beach ToysIt's easy on a road trip to Devore many dollars worth of snacks. Plus let's face it most of those snacks you grab at the gas station are not exactly healthy or good for you. Before you leave pack up a cooler with healthy snacks. With the money, you save on those expensive gas station snacks you can treat your family to a great OBX meal at one of our incredible local restaurants.

Use Gas Finder Apps

Nothing is worse than filling up the SUV at one gas station and a mile down the road passing another with gas that is ten cents cheaper. Now you don't have to make that mistake with the advent of several gas finder apps. Perhaps the best and most accurate is Gas Buddy. Gas Buddy is a free app for iOS and Android the best part is the app knows your location and can give you up to the minute information about local gas prices. On a long trip, this can easily save you dozens of dollars.

Bring Your Own Beach Toys

When you have a couple little ones all wanting to head to the local souvenir shop, it can quickly add up. By bringing toys you already purchased with you, you can save a load of money. A great idea is to head to Walmart or the Dollar Store. Pick up a few toys, pails, and shovels for the kids. Hide the toys and bring them out when you get to your destination. The kids will love it as much as your wallet. 

Now is the time to book your OBX Beach Vacation. Whether you bring just your family or gather a group of friends and families we look forward to providing you with the best vacation experience on the North Carolina Coast. Don't forget to book direct and save with Elan Vacations If you have any questions or need help give one of our friendly staff a call today. 

Save Money on Your Beach Vacation

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