Owner Testimonials

Here Are a Few Things That Our Owner's Say About Elan Vacations

Dear Gloria,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, Norman and the entire staff at Elan Vacations.

As you know I had my beach house, Viva By The Sea, on the rental market for several years with Elan and have recently sold the property. Throughout the years I always found everyone at Elan to be professional, courteous and conscientious. Whenever I called with a question or concern, I was always able to speak to one of your representatives immediately who assisted me and if resolution was needed, it was taken care of. As an owner that lives 450 miles away and having renters staying in the house for 8-12 weeks per year it was difficult to maintain the integrity of my home to the standard with which I wished...however, Elan very often gave me the peace of mind that they were keeping an eye on the home, immediately responding to renter's needs (maintenance) and insuring that the renters were happy and that I as an owner was satisfied as well. I know my renters as well as myself benefitted from the personalized service Elan provided. The "larger” rental companies just can't compete with Elan...I have heard many "horror" stories from renters who rented from other larger rental companies, but never have I heard those testaments from Elan renters. I was always very happy with Elan and highly recommended Elan to the new owner.

Thank you, again for superior service through the years!


I have been with Elan since I bought the home in late 2013. As the home was already well reserved for the following season, I didn't want to change horses in mid-stream. I have been very pleased, however. I was/am a novice at this and they have been very helpful in navigating the world of vacation rentals. The previous owner had nothing but good things to say and had 3 or 4 homes with them.

They are honest and fair. If there is a dispute with a renter, they are experienced with deciding between genuine and nuisance issues. I particularly appreciate the policy they have of not charging a service call, if it is something that takes less than an hour to fix. A stopped toilet that doesn't have to be pulled up or a light bulb or TV issue. These nuisance calls are the type that friends of mine with other agencies complain about. They get nickel and dime’d to death.

If there is a more complicated issue, they can handle and are good stewards with your money. They can get estimates and make recommendations. But you get to decide on any non-routine matter.

I had an issue recently where there was some water damage from a washing machine that over flowed. I thought it was the renter, and was unsure how these things are handled. Actually, it happened while the house keeper was there. They owned it right away and let me know they would be taking care of the costs of the repair. For me, trust means everything. I do trust them and they have earned it.

This is a people business and as such there are occasional issues. If your regular house keeper has an emergency and someone covers your house for the first time, they could possibly miss something. The office staff are quick responders and my renters have commended them often for helping when they need it. I have been a renter with other companies and didn't get a satisfactory response. Specifically, I have had the vast majority of renters find my place very clean and have offered few complaints.

Norman runs the place and is responsive, fair and experienced. He is no push over and won't let renters walk on you. Dawn and Gloria are quick to call you if needed and take a personal interest in you as "one of their owners".

They have cookouts every Saturday in the Summer, so the new renters can have a bite, and have a nice respite from the road. Then they give them the keys and if they are early, they send the renters off to the beach and text them when their house is ready. The renters like this a lot. Remember, their office is on the mainland. This is a plus for the renters as they will likely meet the typical traffic before the island. In our (Élan’s) case, the renters are fed and have their keys. It really means, "we made it, we're here". If you wait in traffic for 30-45 minutes and then have a line on the island side to get you keys, your patience may be a bit thin. I am sure this has a bearing on the initial acceptability of the property, when they first open the door.

They have also just built a new office. It is very impressive. When I see success and growth in the recent real estate market, it gets my attention.

Annually, we go over what rent increases make sense and discuss anything we wish to change. Norman is easy to work with and knows the business.