Property Management Services

At Elan Vacations, we understand that each homeowner has different needs when it comes to property management of their Outer Banks vacation rental home. Therefore, we can customize a program that fits YOUR NEEDS!


1. Full Service Property Management

2. Customized VRBO Management Program


Not sure which program fits your needs?


When you are thinking about how you will manage the rental of your vacation home, you have to choose which management style will work best for you: Professional Property Management, Rent By Owner or a Combination of the two.


The 10 question quiz below has been created to help you find which management style works best for you. Please respond to each question with a score of 1 to 10 for each question below. “10” means you or the agency can definitely do this the best. You can split your answer if you have abilities in certain areas, for example, you might put a score of “6” for your own ability to market and agency might score a “4”. Always be sure the total is “10” for each question.


Add up each column to see how you scored!  


Property Management VS. Rent By Owner





Do It Myself

Elan Vacations


Do I honestly have the time to answer email inquiries and phone inquiries for my home within 24 hours?




Do I have the personality and skills to rent my property? How well can I screen potential guests for underage groups before and after occupancy?




Can I handle the customer service aspects of vacation renting, including negativity? Will I compensate for problems?




Am I able to do the best job of marketing and advertising including keeping an up-to-date reservations calendar?




Do I have the necessary time involved to mail leases, collect rent, deposit funds, mail directions and refund security deposits daily/weekly? How will I handle cancellations with money?




Am I willing and able to tackle the accounting functions necessary such as tax collection, tax filing, escrow account, etc.




Am I able to see to weekly house inspections and the security of my property? Am I able to handle damage claims?




Will I be able to maintain the quality of cleanliness at my home week to week and provide linens & towels?




Am I able to manage the maintenance and upkeep of my property in every way, including guest issues that arise at 2:00 am, pool & spa complaints or hurricane evacuations?




Overall, do I want to do this, or be part of a team with a professional vacation rental management company?







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