Island Star FAQs

Where is the closest beach access?

The public beach access is located about 125 yards from the house. Just walk 2 houses to the corner and east one block to the access.

Where is the closest gorcery store?

There is a Food Lion grocery store just about 5 minutes from the house located in Timbuck II shopping center.

How warm does the solar heated pool get?

The solar heated pool temperature depends on how much cloud cover there is. The panels heat the pool with the sun's assistance. So if it is a cloudy day the temperatures are going to be cooler. There is not guarantee on the temperature of the water, however, it is a great alternative to paying an extra $500 to heat the pool with a propane heater.

Are there restaurants and shops close by?

Timbuck II Shopping Center is just about a 5 minute drive from the house. There are several shops and great local restaurants. There is also Corolla Speedway and Adventure Golf and a 4 theatre cinema.

Is there a church in Corolla we can attend?

You can attend church at the Corolla Chapel located on Corolla Village Rd. There are non-denominational services held every Sunday at 10 am. The next closest church is Duck Methodist Church located in the heart of Duck which is about a 20 minute drive from Corolla.

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