Dios Del Sol FAQs

Where is the beach access?

The public beach access is directly across the street from the house, about 75 feet.

Where is the closest grocery store?

There is a Food Lion grocery store less than 10 minutes south from the house in the Timbuck II shopping center.

How warm does the solar heated pool get?

The temperature of the water will depend on the weather. The panels will warm the water but only if there is little cloud coverage. The temperatures outside and wind will also affect the water temperatures. There is no guarantee on temperature.

Where is Ocean Hill in Corolla?

Ocean Hill is ideally situated on the north end of Corolla close to the 4WD Beaches and wild horses. It is also close to Historic Corolla Village, Currituck Lighthouse and Whalehead Club.

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Where is Ocean Hill in Corolla?


Where is Ocean Hill in Corolla?

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