Camelot FAQs

How far to the community pool?

The community pool is located on the soundfront after the Sanderling Inn. The distance is only about 1/2 a mile north of the home. You can drive or use the sidewalk that runs the length of the community along Duck Rd. (NC 12).

How far to downtown Duck?

The center of Duck is about 3-4 miles south of the home. It is an easy drive or use the sidewalk to ride your bikes into town for shopping, lunch or sight seeing.

What is the closest grocery store?

There is a Harris Teeter about 10 minutes north of the house located in the Currituck Club Shopping Center. You can also stop on your way into town in Southern Shores (MP 1) at the Harris Teeter, Food Lion or Wal Mart.

Is there a fitness center close by?

The fTTheTTTAlthough Although ThereThe fitness center is for Sanderling Inn guests only. However, just north of Sanderling is the Pine Island Fitness Center and that can be used for a daily or weekly fee. Details can be accessed here.

Is there a fee to use the community tennis courts?

Tennis courts are available for a nominal fee. The courts are located at The Sanderling Inn Health Club located directly across the street from the The Sanderling Inn.

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