Basic Maintenance Program

One of the strongest benefits of being a member of Élan Vacations’ property management program is its in-house maintenance department and the service it provides. This program has been designed as a way to ensure that any problems reported by your guests during their stay can be addressed immediately- most often the same day. In most instances the problems are minor, resulting from "operator error”, and can be corrected by our in-house staff without the need or cost associated with calling an outside vendor. If we cannot resolve the issue and an outside vendor is called, our maintenance department has the necessary information such as make/model number and details of the problem to expedite the repair. Most importantly, we do not up charge parts and materials, nor do we up charge vendor invoices.

We have detailed some of the other services provided below.

  • No Trip Charge… If we go to your home for a service call, there is no trip charge associated with that call. This includes calls for tripped breakers, replacing small appliances such as blenders, broken beach chairs, clogged toilets and replacing light bulbs to name a few.
  • Monthly air filter changes from May to October and includes the cost of the actual filters.
  • All guest in/out service calls for minor repairs (under an hour) or deliveries.
  • Owner service calls, similar to those of a guest, that require less than one hour.
  • Replacement of standard light bulbs (cost of bulb included). Specialty bulbs such as vanity or chandelier lights, halogen bulbs or indoor/outdoor spots are billed to the owner for the cost plus tax.
  • Replacement tanks for propane gas grills are delivered and charged to the homeowner at a rate of $30 per tank- there is no trip charge involved.
  • Off Season monthly security checks - are performed on all houses throughout the off season.In conjunction with these checks, your smoke detector batteries are changed yearly and cost of batteries plus tax is the only charge to the owner.

**Service calls that would incur a charge would be in the range of repairing hot water heaters, putting in thermostats, pulling toilets etc. In general, any repair that involves an hour or more in labor/travel time associated with purchasing specialty stock items for said repair.The cost is $55 an hour and is billed in ½ hour increments.We also offer dump services for our owners – we will pick up and dispose of broken used items for a fee of $40.

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