FAQs for A View of 3 Seas


Where is the closest beach access?

There is a sand path just south of the house that leads to the beach access. It is about 700 feet to the access.

Do I have to pay to use the Community Tennis courts?

No, this is an amenity within in the community. The tennis courts can be found south of the house on Seabird Dr.

How warm does the solar heated pool get?

A solar heated pool is intended to make the pool water temperatures warmer but will not work as efficiently as a pool heater. On a solar heated pool, pool water is pumped through a filter into a solar hot water collector. These collectors are thin, flat boxes that are usually mounted on the roof. Thin pipes of water run through each collector. The collectors are positioned facing the sun, and use the sun's rays to heat the water running inside. Solar pool heaters use the heat of the sun directly. Therefore, the temperature of the water will depend on how much sun or cloud cover there is on that particular day. There is no guarantee of water temperature.

Where is the closest grocery store?

There is a Harris Teeter grocery store less than a mile from the home located in the Currituck Club shopping center. There is also a Food Lion located in the Timbuck II shopping center by Whalehead which is about a 5-10 minute drive from the house.


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