Taste of the OBX: Fabulous Fourth of July Favorites


Summer is officially in session! We've found some of our favorite summer recipe favorites that would be awesome additions to your Fourth of July celebration, or any time you want to whip up a fabulous meal. They're all touched with a bit of Southern flair to give you a taste of the region, too. This menu is a palate-pleaser with dishes that will become instant favorites.

Even if you're not the host this July 4th, many of these dishes are perfect to bring to a potluck picnic and are sure to be a welcome addition to any summer barbecue. The best part of all is that these dishes can easily be made from your Outer Banks rental. Make the most of it!

Here are our favorite Fourth of July recipes!

Lemonade Iced Tea

A tasty twist on a Southern classic, this Lemonade Iced Tea brings you the best of both worlds balancing tangy, refreshing lemon flavor with sweet iced tea. With a very close resemblance to the famed "Arnold Palmer" mocktail, this summertime drink is sure to please. Dress it up with some citrus slices and a nice pitcher for a thirst-quenching treat everyone will love.

You can find the Lemonade Iced Tea recipe here. Want to bring it to the next level? Turn it into an adult beverage with a splash of bourbon or spiced rum. Cheers!

Barbecue Deviled Eggs

Nothing says summer picnic like deviled eggs. Yum! There are so many variations on this tasty appetizer, but we thought we'd share one that brings in the best elements of a July 4th barbecue: smoky, savory and delicious flavorings you'd expect to find during a summer celebration. Barbecue Deviled Eggs have one secret ingredient that sets them apart from the rest: chopped, smoked pork. Not a pork eater? No worries! A drop or two of Liquid Smoke will do just fine and keep your dish vegetarian, too.

It's a simple twist that elevates your deviled eggs to a whole new flavor level. You can find the Barbecue Deviled Eggs recipe right here. Bet you can't eat just one!

Sweet and Savory Burgers

We sense a theme here. Yes! It's all about the best combinations of sweet and smoky that satisfy the cravings that come along with a summer barbecue. Burgers are some of the most standard fare for the Fourth of July. They are easily customized to suit every taste and preference, so your options are only limited to your imagination.

May we suggest this Sweet and Savory Burger for your consideration? With a few exotic flavors, you'll wow your guests and everyone's tastebuds with this one. Ground ginger, jalapeño and chili sauce are paired with toppings of sweet onion and pineapple for a burger that will blow your mind. Take it up a notch with some smoked provolone and transform it into a cheeseburger of epic proportions.

Check out the Sweet and Savory Burger recipe and explore your possibilities.

Root Beer Baked Beans

The quintessential side dish to any picnic is baked beans. From a can or simmered in a crockpot, they are a staple for any Fourth of July celebration. With the simple addition of a half-cup of root beer, your baked beans are now transformed into a spectacular side dish that will become an absolute favorite. Five minutes of prep time is all that's required and a few other staple ingredients like dry mustard, hot sauce, barbecue sauce, bacon and onion. That's it!

The sweet and peppery root beer gives the baked beans that little something extra that leaves your guests wondering what your secret ingredient is in this magical dish. It's up to you if you want to tell them or keep it to yourself. No judgement here!

Super easy and super delicious, Root Beer Baked Beans promises to be your new favorite—and everyone else's. You can find the Root Beer Baked Beans recipe here.

Mixed Berry Salad with Mint

Use the tastes of the summer season to your advantage with this light, bright and festive Mixed Berry Salad. Is it a salad or is it dessert? Or both? You decide. Freshly picked mint, ripe sweet strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries (or any combination of these) are the star of this dish. Festive patriotic colors add a splash of pizazz to your table this July 4th. Simple and fresh ingredients shine through enhanced with just a couple tablespoons of sugar and a splash or two or five of Grand Marnier orange liqueur. Top it all off with some freshly torn mint leaves and voilà—you've got a healthy, refreshing and completely satisfying stand-alone dish, no matter when you decide to serve it.

If you want to ensure it qualifies for dessert, have some readily available shortcake and fresh whipped cream nearby. A dollop of vanilla ice cream would work well, too. No one will complain. Go for it! You can find the Mixed Berry Salad with Mint recipe right here, courtesy of Martha Stewart.

These are our Fourth of July favorite recipes. What are yours?

What's on your July 4th menu? We'd love to hear it! Happy Fourth of July holiday to you and yours.